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Working with Parents of a Newly Diagnosed Child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder

A Guide for Professionals
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Finding out that a child has an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can put an enormous strain on families, and the quality of support offered by professionals at this time can make a huge difference to how they adjust to the news. This book comprehensively sets out the type of support that is most beneficial to families immediately following an ASD diagnosis, and will equip professionals with the information and tools they need to best provide that support.

The authors provide all of the key information professionals supporting families at the time of an ASD diagnosis need to know about the diagnostic criteria of ASD, key characteristics, aetiology, prevalence, and prognosis, and explain how to pass on accurate and meaningful information to families, and how to build effective family-professional partnerships. Drawing on extensive research and interviews with 50 families of children with ASD, they provide strategies for helping families understand the options and make informed choices about early intervention programs, set realistic goals, develop effective parenting strategies that build upon the strengths and capacities of the child, and strengthen family support networks.

This is an essential resource for any professional involved in supporting families at the time of, or immediately following, an ASD diagnosis, including psychologists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, general medical practitioners, and educators.
  • Published: Jan 15 2012
  • Pages: 256
  • 227 x 153mm
  • ISBN: 9781849051200
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Press Reviews

  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health

    The book takes a positive approach and gives a good overview, made real by an effective series of vignettes.
  • British Journal of Occupational Therapy

    Chapters can be read individually, yet it is an inspiring and informative book, read as a whole... With its multidisciplinary approach (authors coming from the fields of Occupational Therapy, Psychology and Education) this book is both relevant and valuable for all professionals working and supporting families whose child has been diagnosed with ASD.
  • Nasen Special

    This is a scholarly book, which is well referenced and focused on the early stages -post-diagnosis. This is a crucial time and the chapters of the book reflect how important it is... This is a book that should be read by any professional who is connected with children who are on the autism spectrum. Anything that can instil good practice and make it available to a wider professional audience is to be applauded... Anybody who works with parents of a child with an autism spectrum disorder should have access to this book so that they can refresh the advice that they give and outline the options that are available.
  • the psychologist

    This book is a very helpful, interesting and informative resource which would make a relevant addition to practitioners' bookshelves.
  • from the Foreword by Professor Margot Prior, Department of Psychology, University of Melbourne, Australia

    One of the most important and until now neglected areas has been 'what happens after diagnosis', that critical and heart rending time for families. Here there still is a gap in support and education at a time when parents are overwhelmed by what they are hearing, stunned with grief, and beset by the challenge of knowing what to do. Keen and Rodger's book attends to this gap. It is focused on the immediate aftermath of assessment and diagnosis, what parents need and want to know:- explications of the nature of developmental problems in ASD, what is going to be needed for their child, and how to find information and to provide support. How I wish we had such a book to hand, decades ago when we felt we were stumbling about in the dark!
  • Professor Tony Attwood, Minds & Hearts clinic, Brisbane, Australia

    A practical guide for professionals, from many disciplines, that includes a thorough review of the research literature, and the personal experiences and wisdom of the authors and parents. It will be one of the most read and valuable resources in the library of early intervention services and professionals specialising in autism spectrum disorders.
  • Jacqueline Roberts, Professor of Autism, Autism Centre of Excellence, Griffith University, Australia

    A valuable new resource which should be required reading for all professionals working with children with autism and their families.
  • Early Years Educator

    This book draws on extensive research and interviews from families of children who have been recently diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. It sets out the type of support that is most beneficial to parents immediately following diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder and will help to equip professionals with vital information and tools to most effectively provide the individual support that is needed. The personal experiences shared, couple with the wisdom of long-serving, well qualified authors, makes this book an invaluable resource.