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Understanding Cerebral Palsy

A Guide for Parents and Professionals
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An invaluable starting point for anyone encountering cerebral palsy for the first time, this book provides essential background information on causes, types and symptoms, as well as vital advice about the treatments, therapies and sources of support available. Practical tips on everyday considerations such as communication, diet and education will help parents achieve the best quality of life for their child. A final chapter explores options after compulsory education and how best to support a young person making the transition to independent adulthood.

Using personal experience and case studies as sources of inspiration, as well as a comprehensive list of resources to signpost readers to further information, this positive handbook will help parents and professionals more fully understand cerebral palsy and the different options available to people with the condition.
  • Published: Apr 15 2012
  • Pages: 224
  • 244 x 172mm
  • ISBN: 9781849050609
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Press Reviews

  • SNIP

    This book seeks to encourage ways for society to alter its stance over disability from being a problem to be solved to one where the needs of the individual are met by supporting the building of better relationships with the disabled... this is a comprehensive guide to the condition and will raise debate and provide parents and teachers with knowledge to support them to respond to the needs of those with CP in order to enable them to become more independent.
  • Rosemary Crossley, Director, Anne McDonald Centre, Melbourne

    Special educator, expert on augmentative communication, author, and mother of a young adult with cerebral palsy - Marion Stanton has done it all. While supporting her son's progress through medical, therapeutic, and educational interventions to supported independent living, Marion has accumulated a wealth of information which will help anyone who wants to ensure people with cerebral palsy achieve their full potential.
  • from the foreword by Joe Whittaker, Chair of the Alliance for Inclusive Education

    Understanding Cerebral Palsy provides a refreshing and systematic appreciation of a condition experienced by people across a wide variety of social contexts. However, unlike other publications this is not simply a medical account... but a book that very quickly contextualizes the unique ways in which the individual may experience and manage their cerebral palsy to live their life with support they consider effective.