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Understanding Applied Behavior Analysis, Second Edition

An Introduction to ABA for Parents, Teachers, and other Professionals
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This introductory guide to ABA demystifies the often complex terminology, the underlying principles, and commonly-used procedures of ABA using accessible, everyday language.

This revised and updated edition reflects recent developments and introduces new key terms. Albert J. Kearney explains the kinds of learning and reinforcement processes that form the basis of ABA programs. Having covered these essential principles, he describes how the science of behavior analysis can be effectively applied to real life behavior problems. He looks at how behavior is assessed and various intervention techniques that are often employed with children who have autism and other special needs. Having laid these essential foundations, Kearney touches on more advanced topics: the applications of ABA in behavioral education, such as precision teaching and programmed instruction.
  • Published: Jun 21 2015
  • 230 x 156mm
  • ISBN: 9781849057851
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Press Reviews

  • Professor Karola Dillenburger, School of Education, Queen's University Belfast and co-editor of Applied Behaviour Analysis and Autism

    This book is a wonderful introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis and should be read by anyone who uses the term 'ABA'. Too many people use the term without really understanding it properly, thereby propagating misunderstandings and misinterpretations that can hinder its uptake by educational and other helping professions. This book makes a great contribution to the accurate understanding of ABA. It will be very useful to students of the science and parents and practitioners who use it to improve the skills and the quality of life of their loved ones.
  • Robbie El Fattal, M.S., BCBA Founder and CEO of Patterns Behavioral Services, Inc.

    Kearney's book is a much-needed guide for practitioners and parents alike. In a field where much confusion surrounds the very technical elements of what we do, it's incredibly refreshing and encouraging to pick up the book, simply look up a concept, and not only gain a definition, yet also an abundance of examples to make clear what was previously confusing. With that type of guidance, I expect practitioners and parents to excel with their clients and loved ones!
  • Jacquie Rodgers, Special Educator and Grandparent of a Child with ASD

    This second edition of Understanding Applied Behavior Analysis is a superb read for both professionals and parents. Kearney explains the science of behavior with a clear, down to earth writing style which makes reading this short book informative and enjoyable. As a special educator and having a child on the autism spectrum in our family, I have had considerable experience dealing with special needs and autism spectrum disorders. Understanding Applied Behavior Analysis has been an extremely helpful and hopeful resource as Kearney presents the information thoroughly and simply with occasional tidbits of humor interspersed. It is a thorough overview of concepts, terms, and applications of ABA with excellent resources for follow up and more in depth reading. Behavioral concepts are explained in both technical and practical terms allowing the professional as well as the lay person to grasp the ideas clearly. I highly recommend this book to teachers and other professionals, support staff, and parents as a perfect overview of behavioral analysis. This is an excellent step toward understanding the importance and application of ABA in education.
  • Meg Martineau, Ph.D, BCBA-D

    Understanding Applied Behavior Analysis is an incredible resource for teaching staff, parents, and administrators about the practical application of behavior analysis. Kearney does an exceptional job translating behavioral principals into everyday language so the material is easy to read for any learner. It is an efficient training tool because newcomers to ABA come away with an understanding of how to implement behavior analysis successfully. This book is an essential part of any BCBA's library!