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Tomas Loves...

A rhyming book about fun, friendship - and autism
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Tomas is a little boy who loves trains, trampolines and his dog Flynn. He hates sudden noise, surprises and changes in routine. There are many things about Tomas that make him special and unique, but despite his differences he loves fun and friendship – just like you.

This beautifully illustrated, rhyming book is a perfect introduction to autism for young readers aged 2 and over, including children on the autism spectrum and their friends and siblings. In helping the reader get to know Tomas, the book encourages children to recognise what they have in common with him, not just what makes him different.
  • Published: Jan 21 2015
  • Pages: 32
  • 287 x 217mm
  • ISBN: 9781849055444
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Press Reviews

  • Carol Povey, Director of the Centre for Autism, National Autistic Society

    This is an absolutely charming book. The beautiful rhymes and illustrations will have enormous appeal to children on the spectrum and will help them to develop self-esteem and confidence.
  • Dr Glenys Jones, Chartered Psychologist, University of Birmingham

    This is a lovely book, beautifully illustrated and written in rhyme, about an autistic boy called Tomas. We find out what Tomas loves doing and understand what he finds hard and what helps. Parents, carers, teaching staff and children will all enjoy looking at the book and reading it.
  • Jill R Bennett

    Red Reading Hub blog
    Although we are told of all the things about Tomas in particular, things that are fairly common in children who have autism... Warmly illustrated and affirming with a gentle rhyming text, this is a book for all early years and primary settings and one that offers a good way to introduce the idea of autism to young readers who haven't come across the behaviours Tomas exhibits.
  • Alison Walters, AuKids readers' panel

    AuKids Magazine
    As a qualified child psychologist specialising in autism Jude Welton was inspired to write the family-friendly resource... a lovely book written in rhyme and aimed at a young audience of two years plus. This enchanting children's story sets out to explain how Tomas - a special young boy with autism - lives and understands life, following him through his typical daily activities... is enjoyable for both autistic and neurotypical children, whilst being endearing and informative for adults - especially parents of children with autism and learning disabilities.
  • Andrea MacLeod, Autism Centre for Education and Research, University of Birmingham

    GAP - Good Autism Practice
    Through clear, descriptive rhymes by Jude Welton and engaging illustrations by Jane Telford, we learn of the things that Tomas likes and dislikes... Through other examples, the author describes some behaviours characteristic of autism... Examples are simply presented... The book is recommended for children aged two and over... Tomas Loves... is an excellent way to introduce autism to children.

    This easy to share picture book enables children to understand the little behaviours which come with those on the autistic spectrum and is a good book to have in the kindergarten.