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Timely Psychosocial Interventions in Dementia Care

Evidence-Based Practice
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This new edited volume seeks to meet the growing need for ways to support people with dementia across the whole course and trajectory of dementia care, with a wide scope of expertise.

The book addresses how practitioners and carers can apply psychosocial interventions - which take into consideration the individual, social and environmental aspects of a person's life - across this trajectory, right from the earliest stages through to practice in care home settings.

Divided into four sections, each covers a different context in which people with dementia can be supported: at home; in community settings; family and carer support; and those in care homes and hospitals. In addition, there is a distinct focus throughout on evidence-based practice and its implementation in real-world settings. This book is essential reading for any practitioner and caregiver wanting to support people with dementia.
  • Published: Mar 19 2020
  • Pages: 288
  • 228 x 150mm
  • ISBN: 9781787753020
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Press Reviews

  • Jean Tottie, Director and Chair, Life Story Network / TIDE

    This is a major handbook by respected authors of evidence-based practice with contributions from international studies covering a wide range of psychosocial interventions in dementia care. The theoretical underpinnings provide information on what works and also the challenges of implementing an asset based approach to supporting people newly diagnosed living at home through to those with advanced dementia in care settings. There is also the recognition of the equal importance of such interventions for family carers. This book seeks to reinforce the social model of disability with the evidence base which will support people living with dementia and their family carer(s) to continue to live meaningful lives participating in their chosen activities. This is a book I would recommend to professionals wishing to increase their knowledge and skills to offer new interventions for people affected by dementia.
  • Bob Woods, Emeritus Professor, Bangor University

    This edited volume is much more than the sum of its parts. Not only are we introduced to a wide range of creative and innovative interventions, but the editors map out how they fit together, and how appropriate options can be offered to each individual, whether living in the community or in a care home, across their journey through dementia.
  • Prof. Dr. Myrra Vernooij-Dassen, Chair, INTERDEM

    This book opens new windows for living well with dementia. Interventions target remaining capacities, give people with dementia a voice and stimulate engagement in meaningful activities and social contacts. They counteract learned helplessness. The introduction of the notion of preventable dementia paves the way to future integrated psychosocial interventions to prevent dementia.