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The Unofficial Guide to Therapeutic Parenting - The Teen Years

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An honest insight into the rollercoaster reality of therapeutically parenting teenagers.

Raising any teenager is tough, but raising teens who have experienced trauma in their early years is a whole different - and more difficult - ball game. Adoptive parent Sally Donovan is here to answer every question you've ever wanted to ask about therapeutically parenting teenagers, and a whole lot more besides.

Therapeutic parenting is equal parts love, commitment, determination, and realism, and Sally writes about it all with equal parts blazing wit, tear-jerking honesty, and wisdom. Read this book to hear a voice speaking from experience - and above all, the heart - about everything to expect from therapeutically parenting your teens.
  • Published: Jul 18 2019
  • 196 x 128mm
  • ISBN: 9781785921742
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Press Reviews

  • Gayle H Swift, author of ABC Adoption & Me, and co-founder of GIFT Family Services

    Therapeutic parenting requires equal parts bravery, commitment, fierce love, and hope. Sally Donovan offers an authentic peek into the trial-by-fire reality of the teen years. With genuine compassion and insight, she gives strategies that will help sustain the flagging spirits of exhausted parents, so they can continue their heroic efforts to be the parents their children need them to be. It takes more than love. Read this landmark book.
  • Rachel Staff, author of 'Parenting Adopted Teenagers'

    Sally pulls no punches in this insightful, compassionate and beautifully-written book. The honesty and sensitivity with which she describes the experiences of parenting teenagers who have experienced trauma will profoundly resonate with many. Compelling, validating, tough and yet uplifting, its authenticity is firmly rooted in experience. Parents/ carers - I strongly suggest you read this book as an exercise in the self-care that Sally so wisely advocates for. Professionals - this is a fantastic resource. I strongly recommend a read [or three]!
  • Kevin Williams, Chief Executive, The Fostering Network

    Sally writes with an honest and open approach using her own experiences of parenting traumatised teens in a heartfelt, at times funny, at times moving manner. Sally's experiences are clearly unique to her but I have no doubt that her insights, observations and ideas will be useful to others in similar positions. Parenting children and young people who have suffered early trauma is challenging and, as Sally reminds us, requires skills, knowledge and support greater than the average parent requires. It also requires doggedness, compassion, understanding and a sense of humour and realism. Sally's insightful book shows how to care for these vulnerable teens who, by no fault of their own, have had some of the most challenging starts to their lives.