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The Little Book of Autism FAQs

How to Talk with Your Child about their Diagnosis and Other Conversations
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Empowering and practical, this guide is the perfect companion for parents who are finding it difficult to tell their children about their autism diagnosis. It provides a realistic yet uplifting approach to autism, treating it not as a disability but as a difference.

Not telling children about their autism diagnosis can have a significant negative impact on their mental health; by equipping parents with a language of positivity around autism, the book will make a difference to many children on the spectrum. It advises on how and when to talk to autistic children with both high and low care needs, and provides guidance on supporting children's relationships with peers at school, as well as how to broach the conversation with the child's siblings.

Concise and easy to read, The Little Book of Autism FAQs answers parents' questions with accessible language, preparing them to approach this difficult conversation in a constructive manner.
  • Published: Sep 19 2019
  • Pages: 112
  • 228 x 152mm
  • ISBN: 9781785924491
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Press Reviews

  • Peter Vermeulen, Autism in Context, Belgium

    Davida Hartman gives parents an honest, nuanced and above all empowering and heart-warming answer to perhaps the most pertinent question they have: Do we tell our child that he/she has autism?
  • Chris Bonnello, author of

    The more I read on, the more there was to love. Hartman covers difficult questions in a compassionate yet straightforward manner, offering clear and positive guidance to parents who may be wondering how on Earth to talk to their children about their diagnosis - all the while discussing autism and neurodiversity in a respectful and encouraging way.