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The CBT Art Workbook for Coping with Depression

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Using the principles of CBT, these illustrated worksheets help clients to understand and manage their symptoms of depression.

The activities follow the framework of a typical CBT course: how it works, looking at the nature of depression, linking thoughts, feelings, behaviour and physiology cycles, exploring different levels of thinking and beliefs, and identifying goals and future planning. It presents these theories in an accessible way so that clients are familiar with the foundations of CBT they will be using in the worksheets. They can complete them by writing or drawing, alongside the opportunity to colour in parts of the pages as they consider ideas.

Suitable for adults in individual or group work, this is an excellent resource to use as a standalone resource or in conjunction with professional therapy to deal with depression.
  • Published: Jan 21 2020
  • Pages: 176
  • 244 x 172mm
  • ISBN: 9781787750968
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Press Reviews

  • Dr Pooky Knightsmith, Mental Health Advisor, Author Speaker & Educator, Chair - Children and Young People’s Mental Health Coalition

    Practical but pretty and a great starting point for change that could be used even at times when change feels impossible.
  • Kate Collins-Donnelly, Award-winning author of the Starving the Gremlin and Banish the Thief CBT workbooks for children and young people

    Jennifer Guest's latest workbook is an engaging, creative and easily accessible introduction to depression. It successfully combines evidence-based strategies from cognitive behavioural therapy with thought-provoking art therapy exercises to help the reader understand and manage mild depression. Once again, Jennifer highlights the mental health benefits of art for all irrespective of individual artistic skill.
  • Sue Martin, MBE, psychotherapist, writer and gran

    If you are a visual learner this book is an excellent, fun, easy to follow description of the varied ways CBT can help with mild to moderate depression. So get doodling your way back to good mental health!
  • Rachel Kelly, writer, mental health campaigner and ambassador for SANE and Rethink Mental Illness, and author of Singing in the Rain: An Inspirational Workbook

    As someone who has suffered from depression, I have completed a few cognitive behavioural workbooks in my time. Trouble is they tend to be dull, if worthy. Which is why I love this art version. It the scientific deal, but it is fun to colour in and complete. At the end I felt happier and calmer - and it had not felt like work.