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The Autism Discussion Page on the core challenges of autism

A toolbox for helping children with autism feel safe, accepted, and competent
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The Autism Discussion Page blue book focuses on the core challenges associated with autism (cognitive, sensory, social, and emotional) and provides concise, accessible information and simple tools for supporting children with these vulnerabilities.

Based on posts on the popular online community page and organised by subject for ease of reference, this book offers an excellent understanding of how children with autism process and experience the world and effective strategies for coping with the challenges.
  • Published: Sep 21 2014
  • 254 x 181mm
  • ISBN: 9781849059947
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Press Reviews

  • Dena L. Gassner, MSW, Program Director of Center for Understanding, Board Member of GRASP, and Advisory Board Member of Autism Society of America

    Many of us count among the 56,000 who have benefitted from Bill Nason's advice from his Autism Discussion Page on Facebook. Now Bill has shared his accumulated insights into autism in a comprehensive manual that translates autism--for the neurotypical community of teachers, parents and service providers--but also for those of us looking to enhance our own self-awareness of the inner workings of autism strategies and techniques. If you only buy two books this year, make them the Autism Discussion Page green and blue books!
  • Amy Bonacorsi Zoque, parent of a child with autism (from the Autism Discussion Page on Facebook)

    These posts have helped me and my husband truly understand the sensory aspects of autism and how to help our son self-regulate, which has reduced his anxiety. The tips are practical and easy to implement.
  • Erika Flesher, mental health therapist and parent of a child with autism (from the Autism Discussion Page on Facebook)

    Finding out about The Autism Discussion Page marked a turning point in my understanding of autism spectrum disorders and how to support those with ASD. Bill Nason's ability to present information clearly and succinctly, as well as provide concrete tips for what to do with that information, has been a lifesaver in working with teachers to establish appropriate educational plans.