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The Asperkid's Launch Pad

Home Design to Empower Everyday Superheroes
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For Asperkids, home is both their protected lair and their launch pad into success in a neurotypical world. Jennifer O'Toole provides parents with all the help they need in planning their home environment to encourage their Asperkid superheroes to soar.

The Asperkid's Launch Pad is a visually-led guide to preparing a home environment that supports the development of children with Asperger syndrome. From a bedroom light switch that the child can easily reach, to a tucked-away safe place that he or she can retreat to when feeling overwhelmed or anxious, small changes in the home can boost the child's self-confidence, independence, comfort and life skills. Award-winning author Jennifer O'Toole gives readers a walk-through tour of the home, showing, room by room, how physical surroundings affect Asperkids and highlighting the learning opportunities in every space and object.

Beautifully presented with color photographs throughout, this functional and fun book will win a place in the homes and hearts of all parents of children with Asperger syndrome.
  • Published: Apr 28 2013
  • Pages: 168
  • 222 x 213mm
  • ISBN: 9781849059312
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Press Reviews

  • SNAP Childcare

    The text used is, simple but elegant. If I was a parent of a child with Asperger's I would find this book to be comforting, and of great support.
  • International Journal of Developmental Disabilities

    It is clear that the book is multi-purpose, in that it seeks to provide families with a safe, comfortable and functional environment while also emphasising the numerous opportunities to build important skills within the home... The tips within involve relatively un-intrusive changes to the home that are easily achievable and are likely to provide a very positive outcome for the whole family.
  • Asperger East Anglia

    Beautifully presented with colour photographs throughout, this functional and fun book will win a place in the homes and hearts of all parents of children with Asperger syndrome.
  • eye

    It is simply gorgeous book, demonstrating how you can exploit the learning opportunities in every room of your home and make the physical surroundings that affect children so profoundly, homely, helpful spaces where they can learn and grow in confidence rather that fear and frustration.
  • Red Reading Hub blog

    With an abundance of helpful photographs, Jennifer O'Toole takes readers, room by room, as well as outside, through the hows and wherefores of those things everyone can do to create such a home with minimum outlay and maximum impact.
  • Caroline Hartwell - specialist nanny

    The suggestions of colour shape and texture is very important to a child with Asperger's... The text used is, simple but elegant... it's a great index of how to improve, change and create an environment that's safe and inviting for them.
  • Library Journal

    A how-to guide for parents of children with Asperger's syndrome (AS) on how to best structure their home life to support their AS kids. O'Toole's instructional manual demonstrates the importance of structuring the home environment and everyday tasks (or chores) around the house so that children with AS can feel confident, successful, and comfortable, thus reducing stress and building self-esteem.... Home should be a place where children feel safe and secure as well as a place to retreat to and recharge when the world becomes overwhelming. O'Toole's easy-to-follow visual how-to guides parents to create a safe haven for their AS children where they can practice the skills they struggle with.
  • Dr Judith Gould, Clinical Psychologist and Director of the NAS Lorna Wing Centre for Autism

    Once again Jennifer gives us insight into how Asperger kids "tick". A structured, consistent environment makes the world a safer place and home is where this starts. Her practical, up-to-date tips not only make home a safe place but a learning experience for life. The great photos endorse the idea. A must, not only for parents with Asperkids, but parents of all kids.
  • Temple Grandin, author of Thinking in Pictures

    I really like Jennifer's positive work, emphasizing what kids on the spectrum CAN do. Jennifer teaches real-world skills that will help individuals achieve their true potential.
  • Bobbi Sheahan, author of What I Wish I'd Known about Raising a Child with Autism, columnist for S.I. Focus magazine, and middle-aged Asperkid

    I just finished reading The Asperkid's Launch Pad, and I am inspired! It's a book about interior design! It's a guide to helping your child learn to navigate the world! It's a chat with a (really knowledgeable, really understanding) friend! In The Asperkid's Launch Pad, Jennifer O'Toole starts with the premise "Home is where your story begins", and then takes the reader on a fun, informative journey. There are helpful tips - dozens of them in every chapter - about how to break down everyday tasks for kids who are on the autism spectrum and there are beautiful photographs showing how you can create a space in which you and your children can thrive.
  • Craig Evans, founder of Autism Hangout

    Home is where your Asperkids become superkids! And here is the step-by-step primer to help make it happen. Once again, Jennifer Cook O'Toole taps her Aspergian perspective and wit to gift parents of these precious kids with priceless insights for success in life.
  • Rudy Simone, author of Aspergirls: Empowering Females with Asperger Syndrome

    Jennifer successfully attacks the question of creating a fun and functioning home inhabited by Aspies big and small. She applies both practical detail and artistic flair, the latter often being overlooked in autistic spectrum people because of our devotion to problem solving and perfection. This is a wonderful book to look at and to read. Neat freaks like me will find affirmation and the other half, those who have a hard time organizing their environments, will find solutions.
  • Kathleen Tehrani, CEO of Autism Brainstorm LLC

    The marriage of Montessori method and autism sounded like an excellent idea to me. As a lover of small children... I was delighted. As a former educator and fan of the Montessori method... I was intrigued. As a person who has many autistic characteristics... I was taking notes. 'I waited for Jennifer's newest book, The Asperkid's Launch Pad, with great anticipation and I was not disappointed. Just as with the first two Asperkid books, this book is appropriate not only for the Autism Spectrum but the Human Spectrum. There are touches of genius in all of us. Jennifer manages to find the sparks, nurture the strengths, and address the challenges until we are left with nothing but focused intent and renewed appreciation for our individual awesomeness.
  • Tania A. Marshall, M.Sc. (App. Psych.), psychologist, autism specialist, and Founder and Director of Sunshine Coast Centre for Autism, Queensland, Australia

    A question I am frequently asked is "How do I create a safe, friendly space for my child?". After reading The Asperkid's Launch Pad, I thought to myself, "Finally! A how-to guide that explores a crucial dimension in the Aspie hierarchy of needs". An asperfriendly environment is paramount to supporting Asperkids and their superpowers everywhere. This book is a must read for any Asperkid family!
  • Robyn Steward, autism trainer and author

    This book is beautifully designed. It has repeated headings so you know where you are and what might be coming next and the processes are broken down into simple steps. Jennifer is a wonderful example of being a successful mom and supporting her kids on the spectrum.
  • Lars Perner, PhD, Chair of the Autism Society's Panel of People on the Spectrum of Autism Advisors

    Ordinary children are often expected to learn the ways of life through a sort of "osmosis" by observing the ways of others and following vague directions. This is often not viable for a person on the spectrum. This book provides great insight into the complexities of daily life, showing, for example, the thirty-eight steps involved in consuming a glass of orange juice. A treasure chest of learning activities, to help both practical skill building and better understanding, is provided. Highly recommended!
  • Kim Fields, Managing Editor, Autism Asperger's Digest

    With equal parts nuture and wit, Jennifer Cook O'Toole provides the recipe for superhero success at home in the "Asperkid's Launch Pad." The accompanying photos invite parents to make small changes and teach independence skills that will make your home a safe haven. The AADigest team feels that O'Toole's intuitive sense of what works best for Asperkids makes this book a priceless resource!
  • Melissa Carr, Aukids' reader panel

    AuKids Magazine
    The book is bright and simple guide to making your home a refuge and safe spot for your child where they can hone their concentration skills, take pride in their work and build independence... Fun photographs show ideas for inspiring your child's creativity and thirst for learning.