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The Activity Year Book

A Week by Week Guide for Use in Elderly Day and Residential Care
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Engagement in meaningful activity is an important aspect of human existence, regardless of one's cognitive abilities. Even in the later stages of dementia, people can still be engaged in activities at a level that allows them to be successful. In fact in these later stages, where cognitive abilities may be waning, the need for activity becomes greater, as cognitive stimulation helps preserve what skills remain.

For care staff looking after older people, many of whom may have some degree of dementia, coming up with ideas for activities of a suitable level to keep their residents engaged and stimulated can be challenging.

The Activity Year Book solves this problem, offering week by week themed activities. From Valentine's Day quizzes to Bonfire Night word searches, it has activities relating to every important date in the calendar, and also encourages reminiscence and discussion around these events.

This book will be invaluable to care staff looking for a simple way of improving the lives of their residents, week by week, all year round.
  • Published: Mar 15 2009
  • Pages: 256
  • 278 x 216mm
  • ISBN: 9781843109631
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Press Reviews

  • Working with Older People, Stephen Weekes, Book Reviews Editor

    ... there is a genuine air of spontaneity throughout: the co-authors, with many years of experience, have certainly brought a sense of purpose to their publication. The occasional joke also lightens the tone, which can often become quite earnest in other similar, somewhat duller but well-meaning collections... Highly recommended.
  • NAPA Living Life, Sally Knocker

    For those NAPA members who are always on the search for activity ideas, here is a wonderful resource to dip into. The Activity Yearbook offers week by week themed activities that can be easily used by all members of the care staff team. From Valentine's Day quizzes to Bonfire Night word searches, the book is filled with fun activities relating to many of the important dates in the calendar, including those in Scotland, Ireland and Wales. They also encourage reminiscence and discussion around these events. The authors also give practical tips on how to run a group and organise activities effectively.
  • COTSS PLD, Pauline Peacock Specialist Occupational Therapist

    This resource has the potential to improve the quality of life and activity levels of older people in care and should be a must have for all care homes. There is certainly enough material in this book to last much longer than a year which makes it a valuable resource for activity organisers/carers in residential or day services for older people.
  • Plus Quarterly Magazine of Christian Council on Ageing

    I enthusiastically recommend this Week by Week Guide for Use in Elderly Day and Residential Care to all who work in such settings or anyone who leads a Church or Community Centre group for a fun session...The activities suggested in this book are designed to help group leaders provide this beneficial stimulus and encourage them to use their own imaginations to adapt, to develop extra activities and themes.
  • Standards for Practice

    You may think this book's a bit pricey but it's a treasure trove of ideas and would be well worth the outlay for any care home. It is packed with activities of all sorts and I heartily recommend it.
  • The Midwest Book Review

    The Activity Year Book is for care staff looking after older people who have some degree of dementia, and offers a range of activity ideas key to keeping them engaged and stimulated.. .A fine survey packed with fun ideas.