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Teacher Education and Autism

A Research-Based Practical Handbook
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This is a research-based guide that provides a framework for effective training around autism for teachers. An edited collection of short chapters, the book is full of practical activities and discussion points ideally suited for time-stretched trainee teachers, those leading training courses and busy teachers continuing to learn on the job.

Focusing on the myriad ways that autism affects pupils and their education, it covers key training strategies around autism including maths, physical education, sex and relationships, behaviour management and more. Each contains the material for a session to be delivered to trainee teachers or to provide a unit of self-study. Combining research into the needs of trainee teachers, parents, and students with autism, this book offers an effective roadmap for teacher training and a better understanding of how to meet the needs of autistic pupils.
  • Published: Apr 18 2019
  • Pages: 176
  • 228 x 150mm
  • ISBN: 9781785926044
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Press Reviews

  • K. I. Al-Ghani, University Lecturer in Autism, Autism trainer and international author of books on ASD

    Teacher Education in Autism is a book that utilises the latest research to explain both current theory and good practice in Autism. Each chapter is supplemented with probing questions to help foster critical analysis of complex and sometimes contradictory areas of study. It is engaging, extremely informative and highly accessible. Ten out of ten, for this terrific teacher-training tool.
  • Joy Beaney, Autism Training Consultancy

    This book provides a fascinating insight into Autism for trainee teachers and practising teachers wishing to increase their understanding of autism and develop their inclusive practice. As well as giving detailed descriptions of how autism may affect the individual, scenarios and case studies are included which illustrate the issues raised. Throughout the book thought provoking questions for self-reflection and discussion are suggested making this book an invaluable resource for professionals planning training courses.
  • SEN Magazine
    This book provides a framework for effective training around autism for teachers. Its author has a PhD in autism, is a lecturer in teacher development and is a parent of a child with autism... Lawrence points out that, although autism education is now a required element in initial teacher education, the time that can be allocated to it is very restricted. In response to this, she has collated material for training sessions both for trainee teachers and for continuing professional development... Case studies and short tasks are included to guide the reader to a deeper understanding of how students with autism experience life in school and how to manage this as an informed professional... This is a very useful, accessible and informative resource that effectively combines research and practice.