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Sylvia and Marsha Start a Revolution!

The Story of the Trans Women of Color Who Made LGBTQ+ History
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"Someday girls like us will be able to wear whatever we want. People will call us by the names we choose. They'll respect that we are women. The cops will leave us alone and no one will go hungry."

Sylvia and Marsha are closer than sisters. They are kind and brave and not afraid to speak their truth, even when it makes other people angry.

This illustrated book introduces children to the story of Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P. Johnson, the two transgender women of colour who helped kickstart the Stonewall Riots and dedicated their lives to fighting for LGBTQ+ equality. It introduces children to issues surrounding gender identity and diversity, accompanied by a reading guide and teaching materials to further the conversation.
  • Published: Nov 19 2020
  • Pages: 32
  • 284 x 220mm
  • ISBN: 9781787755307
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Press Reviews

  • Tatiana Quiroga, Director of Family Equity & Diversity, Family Equality

    Sylvia and Marsha Start a Revolution is a beautiful story of friendship, bravery, and the courage to stand up to be yourself and do what is right! As an LGBTQ+ parent with two small kiddos, this book gave me the opportunity to start family conversations about LGBTQ+ history, the Stonewall Riots, and the importance of black, trans women in our movement in a friendly, and age-appropriate way. Not only was this book educational and informative, but it was a pleasure to read over and over again!
  • Michael Rawls

    When we share books like this with young people introducing them to members of the trans community, we can begin to set them on a path of acceptance and understanding. I love this story not only as a possible first introduction to the trans community, but also as a provocation to use with students to discuss rebellion, revolution, protests and demonstrations.
  • Dr. Wenn B. Lawson (PhD) CPsychol AFBsS

    This beautiful, resourceful, informative and important addition to trans history helps our younger generation to connect to a deeper understanding of our past. Remembering the foundations of current freedoms, and aiding solidarity for our future, cannot be underestimated. It helps us all to be brave.
  • Books Bird

    A brilliant children's book for teaching the newest generation about kindness, gender identities, LGBTQIA+ rights and the power of being yourself.
  • Mombian

    This inspiring story of friendship, community, and revolution rightly gives Sylvia and Marsha their place on our kids' bookshelves alongside the mostly White and male figures who have dominated LGBTQ picture book biographies.
  • Trans-Scribe

    This book is sure to be a welcome and useful addition to any home library or school, where it can educate, and tell children about a moment in history that went on to change the world.
  • Stephanie Cohen

    Here, the LGBTQ+-rights movement of 1969 is brought to life among the neighborhoods of New York in which the queer community took refuge. Ellison's light-hearted text and Silver's bright illustrations focus on Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P. Johnson, two transgender women of color, and their goal to bring respect and equality to the queer, especially transgender, community. While this book targets a young audience, it makes the compelling concepts clear-from the homophobia and transphobia that Sylvia and Marsha experience to the upsetting reality of trans homeless youths living on the streets. The book focuses on gender identity through its heroines, affirming their part in a sisterhood that struggles for a safe and equal existence. Ellison and Silver use fictionalized but realistic dialogue to propel an energetic plot that touches on the events at the Stonewall Inn and the subsequent result of Sylvia and Marsha opening their house and hearts to their transgender sisters. Included also are helpful resources defining LGBTQ+ terms; highlighting short biographies of Sylvia, Marsha, and other key players; and introducing discussion questions and activities.