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Story Drama in the Special Needs Classroom

Step-by-Step Lesson Plans for Teaching through Dramatic Play
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Introducing drama to the learning experience is guaranteed to enrich a child's development, and is an especially effective approach for children with special educational needs, including those with autism spectrum disorders. This practical handbook offers teachers an array of simple and easy-to-implement theatrical techniques that will enhance students' learning and encourage artistic expression.

The author demonstrates how dramatic play doesn't have to be restricted to drama lessons and can be applied to a diverse range of school subjects and recreational settings. 'The Little Red Hen', for example, covers themes that are relevant to literacy (rhyming and rhythm), maths (counting seeds), science (discussing farming), and art lessons (designing costumes). Step-by-step lesson plans take teachers through every aspect of running fun and engaging story dramas, including warm ups, movement, songs and props. Handy tips throughout suggest ideas for developing the plays further and ways to adapt them according to the needs of the group.

This book will be an essential and comprehensive guide for anyone interested in drama as an educational tool in inclusive or special needs settings.
  • Published: Jan 15 2012
  • Pages: 160
  • 247 x 186mm
  • ISBN: 9781849058599
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Press Reviews

  • eye

    This is an accessible, essential and highly practical guide for anyone who is interested in using drama as an educational tool to promote inclusion and to enhance practice with special needs settings, in particular.
  • Vanessa Young, Executive Director of VSA New Jersey, The State Organization on Arts and Disability

    Story drama has an essential role in the education of students with disabilities. Jessica Perich Carleton extends its value by presenting techniques that are effective in a variety of settings. This insightful guide empowers teachers to implement story drama in their classrooms and to explore the transformative benefits of the art form.
  • Dr. Lee R. Chasen, author of Social Skills, Emotional Growth and Drama Therapy

    Perhaps one of the most important considerations in the special needs classroom is the student's ability to make connections between self, text and the curriculum. Drama, as a modality for learning, facilitates these connections in a deep and meaningful way to empower cognitive and social development. Story Drama in the Special Needs Classroom successfully provides teachers with specific tools and procedures for undertaking this most important educational activity.
  • Asteens

    I would recommend this book to all primary school teachers and feel that parents who run small groups or home educate could, under Carleton's gentle and lucid direction, also feel confident in running a story drama workshop.