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Speech in Action

Interactive Activities Combining Speech Language Pathology and Adaptive Physical Education
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Children, particularly those on the autism spectrum, are able to acquire communication skills much more easily when their learning incorporates movement. Even very simple actions such as tapping and hand clapping can have a noticeable impact on their speech and language development.

Speech in Action is an innovative approach to learning that combines simple techniques from speech and language pathology with physical exercises that have been carefully designed to meet the individual child's particular needs and abilities. This practical workbook describes the approach, and how it works, and contains 90 fully-photocopiable lesson plans packed with fun and creative ideas for getting both mouth and body moving. Suitable for use either at school or at home, the activities can be dipped into in any order, and are organised by level of ability, with something for everyone. The final chapter contains the success stories of children the authors have used the activities with, demonstrating how the approach can be used in practice.

This will be a useful resource for teachers, occupational therapists, and other professionals who work with children with delayed communication skills, as well as parents and carers who would like to support their child's speech and language development at home.
  • Published: Jan 15 2011
  • Pages: 160
  • 276 x 215mm
  • ISBN: 9781849058469
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Press Reviews

  • Physical Education Matters

    The activities in this book have been developed with a real understanding of the importance of learning in action. It offers new and experience teachers tools that are fun and easy to deliver.
  • Montessori International, Wendy Fidler

    Interactive, adaptive movements underpin this innovative approach to communication skills development... Whereas traditional education relies on separate activities for the brain and the body, this approach considers the brain to be a multi-function parallel processor. This is music to the ears for Montessori teachers, who have always advocated movement-based cross-curricular teaching... The activities are suitable for use at home or school; this book is an excellent resource for parents, teachers, speech therapists, occupational therapists and especially students learning about speech and language development.
  • bulletin

    This book may be particularly useful for students who would like to build up a repertoire of therapy ideas while on placement. Some activities may also be useful to share with parents to present therapy in a fun way at home.
  • Richard Couch, Ph.D., Principal, Tobinworld II, San Francisco Bay Area, California

    A unique multidisciplinary curriculum, this well researched resource is a valuable collection of practical, fun, and everyday/everywhere techniques. Speech in Action is an ever so welcome addition for educators, therapists, and families working with people who have special needs. I provide all my teachers with a classroom copy.
  • Thomas Todd, Special Education Teacher

    While working with students who have special education needs you have to find effective techniques to develop functional life skills. Speech in Action is a great resource. I use it daily to promote learning using the multimodality lessons to teach children with a variety of abilities and age levels.
  • Mark M. Osredkar Ph.D CCC-Slp

    Speech in Action really works! Throughout my career of over twenty years, while managing hundreds of therapists, teaching at a major university, owning and being the administrator of a school for handicapped children and all the while enthusiastically working as a Speech Pathologist, I've espoused this methodology. I absolutely endorse the concept of Adapted Physical Education Specialists, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Speech-Language Pathologists integrating goals that provide language rich, concept rich and fun physical activities that everyone can participate in. This is the way to learn! It's absolutely fantastic that we now have a practical fun resource that provides the step by step directions to make it happen. In utilizing this resource I've observed that students are encouraged to participate in an active manner. They are motivated to problem solve, cooperate and collaborate by the sheer joy of playful learning. I recommend this resource to the vast family of those who care for students throughout the world.