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Special Stories for Disability Awareness

Stories and Activities for Teachers, Parents and Professionals
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Children who live and go to school apart from people with disabilities suffer from several distinct disadvantages, including the fact that exposure to stories about disability, however well-intentioned, may make them believe all those with disabilities have the same emotions, needs and attitudes as characters in the story. This set of eight stories has enough accompanying activities and lessons to counter this problem somewhat; Leicester (education emerita, U. of Nottingham) works from experiences she has had with her own daughter, who contributes an autobiography. Topics include common ground, the advantages of having a good caregiver, correct behaviour around those with disabilities, bullying, cultural attitudes toward disability, and the benefits of focusing on abilities rather than disabilities. This book is intended for children aged four to 11 who are not in mainstreamed classrooms, so caregivers should be extremely careful in using this if children with disabilities are part of the regular classroom.'


'Designed to support key stages 1 and 2 of the National Curriculum (England and Wales); this 155 page book is a superb resource or anyone wishing to raise disability awareness among children. Using the medium of storytelling the lives and adventures of eight children with disabilities are individually told. Care has been taken to cover various types of disability, for example sensory impairment, learning difficulties/difference, mobility and emotional and behavioural difficulties. Cultural diversity is also strongly supported with some of the children coming from ethnic minority groups.

Refreshingly unlike many children's stories the heroes of these stories are based on children who have a disability, with a core aim of promoting a positive approach to disability and breaking away from the potential stereotyping that can so easily develop within the everyday lives of children.

Supported by walk through instructions on how the book should be used it highlights the key aims and objectives to each story. The building of vocabulary through activity sessions is particularly useful given the complexity of the subject.

Clearly illustrated the book is very much a flexible learning resource and can be used independently or within other subjects.

In conclusion this book is a must have for anyone tasked with teaching or supporting a child's education.'

-The Encephalitis Society

'What I like most about this book is they way it gives so much information and so easily. Even if you don't feel confident about the topic, there is so much included that you will have all the help you need. All the stories are positive and how fabulous to have a book which the main characters are disabled!'

- National Child-Minding Association

'If you only buy one book about disability - make it this one!'

- National Child-Minding Association

'An imaginative approach to promoting disability awareness among 4 to 11 year olds. Designed to be used by parents and care professionals as well as teachers. Covers a wide range of topics, positive and negative, including fear, feelings, success, bullying, joy and exclusion, with disabled children as the heroes and heroines.'

- Current Awareness Service

Stories both educate and entertain. We learn from them and the learning is fun. They also stimulate our imagination and creativity. In this collection of short stories, the heroes and heroines are disabled children who defy the stereotypes associated with being disabled: being pitiable, a victim, freakish or a burden.

Special Stories for Disability Awareness provides stories that fire the imagination and promote disability awareness and discussion among children aged 4-11 about universal issues such as fear, loss, feeling 'different', bullying, exclusion, joy, success, friendship and emotional growth. The stories provide a safe environment for young children to discuss painful emotions as well as a tool for teachers, parents and professionals to understand the experiences of disabled children.

Each chapter features an engaging story, linked discussion and learning materials as well as suggestions for activities and photocopiable handouts. All those who work in early education or support young children will find this an invaluable resource.
  • Published: Nov 15 2006
  • Pages: 160
  • 298 x 210mm
  • ISBN: 9781843103905
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Press Reviews

  • British Association of Teachers of the Deaf

    The stories and resources can be accesssed at many different levels making them suitable for a wide range of age and ability. It is a resource that can be revisited many times as the children develop. The book is easy to use and to find your way around. Links to extra information are also provided. It would be a very useful addition to any school's PHSCE resources.