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Simultaneous Treatment of Parent and Child

Second Edition
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Many child-care professionals work therapeutically with both parent and child and are increasingly focusing on the role of parents, yet there is very little information and guidance to help professionals in this work. Saralea E. Chazan's introduction to the simultaneous treatment of parent and child brings together theoretical background and suggestions for practice in an accessible and comprehensive format.

Taking the reader through the theory of simultaneous treatment and the psychological processes underlying it she draws on three in-depth case studies of children she has worked with. She shows how effective treatment of parent and child by the same therapist either in combined or separate sessions can bring about significant therapeutic effects in a child's development and sense of self.

This useful book will be a welcome resource for social workers, child psychiatrists, family therapists and other professionals working with children.
  • Published: Jan 31 2003
  • Pages: 240
  • 233 x 163mm
  • ISBN: 9781843107361
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Press Reviews

  • Care & Health Magazine

    `Chazan takes the reader through the psychological processes underlying simultaneous tretment, then develops a framework for such treatment - using five in-depth case studies to illustrate its relevance and use. Senior practitioners, in particular, should find this a useful publication, though its implications are relevant for many social care staff working in child protection and child welfare.'
  • Pauline F. Kernberg, Director, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center

    `Saralea Chazan provides a flexible framework and rationale for simultaneous work with parents and children. A succinct, relevant guide for clinicians.'