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Rebuilding Your Life after Stroke

Positive Steps to Wellbeing
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The physical effects of a stroke are often the most obvious, and hospitals can offer medication and therapy to help alleviate them. However, the psychological consequences of having a stroke, such as memory problems or depression are often ignored. Includes the voices of stroke survivors and their carers, this book provides learning tools and practical guidance to aid in recovery from the psychological effects of a stroke.

With insight from many people who have experienced a stroke, this book focuses on what stroke survivors can do, rather than what they cannot. Using exercises, such as mindfulness techniques, to help move towards an acceptance of the long-term side effects, this book delivers a positive message to help survivors of strokes live a better and happier life.
  • Published: Jun 14 2017
  • Pages: 232
  • 240 x 182mm
  • ISBN: 9781785923562
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