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Positive Psychology Arts Activities

Creative Tools for Therapeutic Practice and Supervision
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This book contains a wealth of practical arts activities, which creatively and playfully bring positive psychology concepts - such as flow, character strengths, goals and self-awareness - to life.

With straightforward, step-by-step instructions, each chapter includes an overview of a positive psychology concept, followed by associated arts activities, and case examples illustrating the activities' uses in therapy and supervision. Also included are post-activity guiding questions to promote a dialogue between therapist and client, and suggestions for adapting the activities for clients to utilize outside the therapy room.

Blending the strengths-based focus of positive psychology with the healing, transformative practice of the arts, this book is for all practitioners wanting to cultivate the mental health, flourishing and wellbeing of their clients using a creative approach.
  • Published: Jul 21 2020
  • Pages: 208
  • 230 x 152mm
  • ISBN: 9781785928369
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Press Reviews

  • Rebecca Wilkinson, MA, ATR-BC, LCPAT, Co-Founder, Creative Wellbeing Workshops and Co-Author, Positive Art Therapy Theory and Practice

    Dr. Darewych has operationalized positive art therapy, giving us a fully equipped toolbox to put this exciting new subfield into practice! This is truly a must for any student or therapist wanting practical tools for incorporating the arts into their work. Outstanding!
  • Dan Tomasulo, Ph.D., MFA, MAPP, Core Faculty Spirituality Mind Body Institute, Teachers College, Columbia University. Author of 'Learned Hopefulness: The Power of Positivity to Overcome Depression'

    Dr. Olena Darewych has shared a beautiful gift with practitioners of positive psychology. Each of these gems is evidence-informed, clear, and aimed at the very heart of accessibility. These dynamic, thoughtful, and engaging approaches expand the toolbox. They offer hope to those of us looking for new ways to ignite the spark in the machine.
  • Gioia Chilton, PhD, ATR-BC, LCPAT, CSAC, Co-author of 'Positive Art Therapy Theory and Practice: Integrating Positive Psychology with Art Therapy'

    This book is a goldmine! It's a work I've been waiting for, and Dr. Darewych really delivers! She offers fresh ideas and crystal clear instructions; all you need to succeed in leading positive art activities that expand happiness and wellbeing for those of all ages and abilities. I'm inspired and can't wait to use these activities!
  • Duanita Eleniak, Registered Clinical Social Worker, and Board Certified Art Therapist, educator and supervisor

    A very practical helpful resource for mental health professionals, teachers, supervisors, and students involved in art-based practises as well as for people excited to experiment with engaging in an art based experiences as a way to cultivate wellbeing, an essential premise in the field of positive psychology.