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Music with Babies and Young Children

Activities to Encourage Bonding, Communication and Wellbeing
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From day one in a child's life, music is one of the most important things that can be used to help them grow and learn. Musical stimulation helps lay the foundations for a lifetime of skills, and this straightforward guide gives detailed advice on how to use music to help children from 0-5 years with common developmental challenges such as attachment and bonding, bedtime, tantrums and daily living skills, social skills, motor skills and school readiness.

Combining cutting-edge research on brain development with proven strategies, this book helps with both typical and atypical issues in the earliest stages of a child's life. Friedberg lays out the musical parenting approach, where any adult can enhance children's lives through music. No prior music skill is necessary to use the musical parenting approach, making it an ideal resource for all parents, teachers and professionals to raise healthy, well-adjusted children in a creative and interactive manner.
  • Published: Jan 21 2020
  • Pages: 240
  • 228 x 150mm
  • ISBN: 9781785927645
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Press Reviews

  • Jed Baker, PhD, Director of the Social Skills Training Project, author of 'No More Meltdowns' and 'Overcoming Anxiety in Children'

    This book, like its author, embodies the meaning of integrity! It combines theory and solid research to guide us through fun, easy to use activities that help us all parent the whole child. Jeffrey shows how music can be a foundation for bonding. From this base, he provides ways in which music can build self-regulation, attention, frustration and anxiety management, good sleep patterns, friendships, academic readiness, physical fitness, and an appreciation for all cultures. Unlike other parenting books, this not only works, but will bring joy to your homes!
  • Elliott Forrest, WQXR, NYC Classical Radio Station

    I've known Jeffrey for almost 20 years. He is a thoughtful, talented, knowledgeable and caring musician, therapist and parent. His book is a beautiful guide for parents and teachers on how to share music with kids, even if you think you can't carry a tune.
  • Marigene Kettler, Educator, Singer, Executive Director of Rockland Conservatory of Music

    Jeffrey Friedberg knows music. Coupling his deep knowledge of child development and successful experience entertaining young people, he is keenly aware of music's spectacular impact on young children. Here he gives us all a detailed, yet personal way to put them rightly on the exquisite path of music.