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Music Therapy with Children and their Families

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In the past, music therapy work with children typically took place in special schools without the family being present. More recently, music therapy has become a widespread practice, and this book reflects the variety of settings within which music therapists are now working with children together with their families.

The contributors are music therapists with experience of working with children and their families in a range of different environments, such as schools, hospices, psychiatric units, child development centres and in the community. They describe their approaches to family work with client groups including children with autism, learning disabled toddlers, adopted children and looked after teenagers. Their experiences demonstrate that involving the family in a child's music therapy can be beneficial for everyone, and that it is possible to address relationship issues within the family as part of the treatment.

This book will provide useful insight into the growing area of music therapy with children and their families, and will be valuable for music therapy professionals and students, as well as other medical and teaching professionals who work with families.
  • Published: May 15 2008
  • Pages: 208
  • 230 x 152mm
  • ISBN: 9781843105817
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Press Reviews

  • Music Therapy and Special Music Education (

    A central theme of empowering parents and carers by using these clinical techniques resonates throughout the book... It will encourage therapists to initiate different working apporaches and demostrates an increased need to work flexibly according to the needs of each client and their family.
  • Nordic Journal of Music Therapy

    The 10 chapters each have their own focus, structure and personal style which bring the individual clinician's work fully alive. This type of text is inspirational for other music therapy clinicians and students interested in the growing area...The book is an important contribution to music therapy literature and to the creation of a well established field of working with families.
  • Music Education Research

    The book stands as an endorsement, resource and challenge to music therapists to value and develop their work with children and families. Other readers will also benefit from witnessing how music can work its way into such a range of different settings and bring challenge. This is what music therapy is all about.