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MI29: Mouseweb International to the Rescue!

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Did you know that we humans are monitored by Mouseweb International, a worldwide network of mice working undercover to lend a paw whenever we need it most?

This is the story of Lily Jane Watson, a 13-year-old in desperate need of some help from the spies at Mouseweb International Department 29 (MI29). Operating out of the lost property cupboard at Abbotsford airport, Agent Windsor Smith and his family devise a clever plot to come to her rescue. But with Mr Clamp, the airport manager, laying traps and a crafty gang of rats attempting to scupper their plans, will MI29 succeed? Can technology, cunning, and courage change the world or will the nasty rats take control?

This action-packed story is perfect for children aged 8+, including those affected by illness or disability, and encourages community spirit and tolerance of diversity and difference.
  • Published: Jan 21 2014
  • Pages: 80
  • 220 x 153mm
  • ISBN: 9781849054966
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Press Reviews

  • Kathy Hoopmann, author of All Cats Have Asperger Syndrome, All Dogs Have ADHD, Haze, Bluebottle Mystery: An Asperger Adventure, and more

    MI29 - Mouseweb International to the Rescue! is a delightful story of how super-agent mice help those in need. It goes beyond a whimsical tale to challenge readers to see how they too can 'spy' out the needs of others and come to the rescue. S. J. Tozer has woven a thought provoking message into a story that kids will love to read.
  • Sharon Dempsey, journalist and author of Extreme Parenting: Parenting Your Child with a Chronic Illness

    Agent Windsor Smith and his resourceful family set out to help Lily who has a rare illness. This is a heart-warming story full of adventure, which all children will love, but especially those who have to face the challenges of living with chronic illness. I wish we all had access to Mouseweb International Department 29 to sort out life's problems!
  • Cathy Bell, MA, Chair of BACP Children & Young People, Co-ordinator of the ICSS in Northern Ireland, Social Worker, counsellor, clinical supervisor and trainer

    This fascinating tale will introduce children to a world which shows care and compassion as a natural and everyday thing. Read it with your children and you won't be disappointed.
  • Melinda Edwards, MBE, Consultant Clinical Psychologist at the Evelina London Children's Hospital, Guys and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust and author of Promoting Psychological Well-Being in Children with Acute and Chronic Illness

    This delightful story of Sydney and his mouse family is both exciting, funny and heartwarming. As well as having a smell and taste for adventure ('like a pungent cheddar'!), it shows the care Sydney and the team from MI29 have for those who need help. The imagery is charming (such as the young mice having fun by rubbing soap on their paws so they can 'skate' along the wash basins), and the plot ingenious. I hope this is just the start of many adventures of a very caring Sydney mouse and Mouseweb International!