Managing Manic Depressive Disorders

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By exploring different ways of managing these disorders, this book provides information and analysis for people who are in any way concerned with manic depressives. The possibilities for treatment discussed here include information about previously under-explored methods as well as new thinking on well-known treatments. The reasons for the onset of manic depression are considered in order to further understanding and assist treatment by increasing knowledge of how manic depressives actually feel. Particular difficulties in treatment are addressed, such as the unresponsiveness of the depressive and the problem of the manic high from which the patient may not want to recover. Such difficulties are explained and the contributors explore what can be done to provide long-term solutions, including the possibility of self-management.

The contributors include psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists and social workers. By including the approaches of these different professions, a balanced and comprehensive picture of the disorders and their effective management is built up.
  • Published: Feb 01 1997
  • Pages: 200
  • 234 x 166mm
  • ISBN: 9781853023477
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Press Reviews

  • International Social Work

    `There is agreement throughout the text that no single 'cure' works for everyone and that the objective of treatment is to help patients 'manage' their lives in a way which reduces the severity and number of episodes experienced and improves psychosocial functioning in between. The professional contributions by a social worker, occupational therapist , psychologist and nurse on their particular roles were based mainly on case examples. These chapters hopefully will be of interest to users of mental health services who often find the input of different professionals difficult to distinguish and to evaluate. In conclusion I might add that because of the shortage of readable material on manic depression for a non-medical audience, this book is welcome.'
  • Issues in Social Work Education

    `Because there are a range of perspectives given, including cognitive, psychosocial, pharmacological, there is some overlap, but the different approaches are generally complimentary and contribute to an enjoyable and very readable book. It is well balanced and informative for professionals, sufferers and their families.`
  • Nursing Times

    `Literature on manic depressive disorders is limited and this is undoubtedly an informative text. It will unquestionably provide useful reference for students of all disciplines including nursing.'
  • Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine

    The chapter on occupational therapy contains specific advice on how to help people when they are depressed and hypomanic and will be of interest to those who work with people with bipolar disorders on a day today basis. For those involved in running groups with people with manic-depressive disorders, the chapter on group therapy is very informative in terms of practical advice and drawing attention to the pitfalls, and is obviously written by someone with a great deal of practical experience in this area. One of the most interesting chapters in the book is that on self-management which is practical, balanced and offers hope to sufferes. although aimed at those experiencing the disorder, most professional will find it interesting and educational. Overall then, this book which has something for many people-service users, lay people and professionals- and is best seen as one from which to pick chapters of interest rather than one to be read cover to cover. - British Journal of Clinical Psychology. `…will appeal to the scientifically inclined patient in search of information, but perhaps more to the professional involved in his or her care. I strongly recommend this book, packed with information, holistic in approach, with a comprehensive bibliography and a genuine enthusiasm for successful management.'
  • Journal of Social Work Practice

    `I found the book illuminating…I would therefore recommend it as of interest to all professionals and trainees likely to become involved in service provision…the book is a valuable resource, bringing together many different approaches and providing a rich source of references.'
  • Journal of Psychiatric Case Reports

    `…accessible with explanations of terms and models, avoidance of jargon and an emphasis on pragmatic solutions…trainees starting out in psychiatry seeking a multidisciplinary text on the management of disorders will find it useful.'
  • Mental Health Nursing

    `Nearly all the chapters are clearly written and contain down to earth, realistic, practical advice. This truly is a guide to management of a complex condition, and should be a valuable aid to advanced practice…All the main professions and therapies are included, as well as chapters on self-management and the role of relatives and friends. If you have people on your caseload with bi-polar mood disorders, this concisely written book is worthy of your attention.'
  • Church Times

    `The whole book offers a good insight into the problems and treatments available.'