Lone Mothers in European Welfare Regimes

Shifting Policy Logics

Based on a long-term study of the policies of seven European nations towards lone mothers, Lone Mothers in European Welfare Regimes reveals the contrasting attitudes in Europe today towards lone motherhood. The contributors examine the specific categorisation and treatment of lone mothers as well as the problems created, in terms of government policy, by the obvious conflict in the parent-worker role. Other topics, such as possible marginalisation and the queston of whether the problems that face lone mothers are unique or simply a by-product of wider social problems, are also discussed.
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Press reviews for: Lone Mothers in European Welfare Regimes

Alert, Newsletter of the European Briefing Unit

Comparative studies like this widen the horizon and enable the reader to view their own country in a new perspective - In the chapter about Britain, the editor Jane Lewis offers a first rate account about the historical development of social policies in Britain.

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