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Living with Brain Injury

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`The book describes a potted history of Phillip's journey, and mainly focuses on the practical aspects of brain injury, rehabilitation, returning home and to work. If you have little or no knowledge of brain injury then this book is a good starting point, both for the brain injured person or their family/friends.'

- Encephalitis Information Resource

`This is an excellent book for both patients and staff to read and the message of hope is "whilst life will change after brain injury I need not necessarily be the end of quality life. There really is life after brain surgery.'

- Stroke Newsletter

`Fairclough's frank discussion of sexual problems following traumatic brain injury (TBI) and his feelings about the loss of his role as the family breadwinner will resonate with many male readers…Fairclough does not overtly seek to inspire or impress the reader, yet he communicates that not only can one's life continue after head injury, but also it can be a good and meaningful life at that.'

-Brain Injury Journal

`The book is clearly set out, easy to read, good value and has some useful references. This is a book therapists could suggest to families to provide information from a patient's perspective as it provides more practical help than most, but I would recommend that they read it first.' -Physiotherapy Journal

On November 7th 1994, Philip Fairclough fell fifteen feet from a ladder onto a concrete patio. The impact caused massive trauma to his head and the subsequent brain damage he suffered has radically changed his life.

At first unable to dress himself, cross roads on his own or tell the time, Philip underwent an intensive course of rehabilitation and occupational therapy, which slowly restored many of the lost skills that he had once taken for granted. His account tells of the hurdles he faced and overcame while in residence at a rehabilitation centre, the difficulties of readapting to family life, and finally the emergence of his new vocation as a writer.

Like most of us, Philip never expected that severe injury would happen to him - but from the first he decided not to give up. His courage, determination and the support of his family characterize this account, which interweaves his own story with practical information about brain injury. Members of the medical profession, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and counsellors will all find this account helpful and revealing - as will people affected personally by brain injury, and their families and friends.
  • Published: Jul 15 2002
  • Pages: 176
  • 215 x 140mm
  • ISBN: 9781843100591
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Press Reviews

  • Social Care and Neurodisability, Penny Lee, Social Worker working in a multidisciplinary team for people with physical disabilities and brain injury in London

    `The writer gives invaluable insights into his journey, for example the changes he experienced in physical ability, thought, cognition, emotions and most valuably, his own perception of his experience...This book gives a clear overview of how valuable health and social care support is to someone who needs to find their way through a complicated and frightening system. I would recommend this book to professionals, families and carers. It explains what is happening to the injured person and the significant people who are part of their journey; the reader will gain invaluable professional guidance from a neew perspective. As a social work practitioner, I feel the urge to read the book again. It has given me insight from the soul, from a personal experience, and on that basis, this book is highly recommended.`