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Lifemaps of People with Learning Disabilities

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The use of lifemaps with people who have learning disabilities has proved particularly effective for a better understanding of their emotional perceptions and needs. In this book, Barry Gray and Geoff Ridden have collected fourteen biographies written by people of all ages who have a learning disability. The authors discuss how these stories might be representative of other people with learning disabilities and what key themes may be identified from the stories. Such material has not been well documented in the past and is particularly appropriate for analysis which is not narrowly prescriptive.

The pictorial form provides a simple and accessible means of self-reflection upon significant life experiences for people with learning disabilities. This flexible and educational tool of analysis will enable carers, educators, care managers and wokers in day and residential services to work more closely with their clients, to ensure that more choice is made available today to those whose voices have not always been heard. Lifemaps of People with Learning Disabilities will appeal not only to social workers and other health care practitioners, but also to families of people with learning difficulties.
  • Published: Aug 01 1999
  • Pages: 144
  • 232 x 156mm
  • ISBN: 9781853026904
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