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Leaving Care

Throughcare and Aftercare in Scotland
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How can social workers and agencies best support young people as they make the transition from care to independent living? This authoritative study investigates the successes and failures of care services for young people, identifying factors that hinder effective transition from care and the types of support that help to promote positive life choices.

Analysing current policy and drawing on the findings of past research, the authors explore the experiences of young people leaving the care of three very different Scottish local authorities to demonstrate how support works in practice. They address the impact of throughcare and aftercare services, and argue for a more gradual transition towards independence, combined with more consistent and ongoing support after young people leave care.

This book draws on the Scottish context to offer valuable lessons that are important reading for all students and practitioners in the fields of social care and social policy, and other professionals interested in the development of childcare practice.
  • Published: Aug 24 2005
  • Pages: 192
  • 233 x 158mm
  • ISBN: 9781843102021
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Press Reviews

  • Journal of Social Work

    It is an essential read for those involved in public care and not one which should dishearten and prevent us from promoting change. It brings forth clear messages, not just from research, but also from the young people themselves.
  • Adoption and Fostering

    Since the 1980's Mike Stein and colleagues have played a big part in putting the issue of leaving care on the policy agenda and keeping it there. They have produced an excellent body of published work on the topic, to which this book (co-authored with Jo Dixon) provides a valuable addition…The book is very clearly organised and presents its findings in an accessible way.
  • Children and Society

    The book is well structured. Services are examined first from the local authority's perspective and then backed up (or not) by testimonies from care leavers. There is quantitative data from the research questionnaire, which provides statistical backup throughout…Throughcare and aftercare in Scotland is a useful reminder of the role of the throughcare and aftercare sevices in intervening, as most parents would, to help facilitate positive outcomes for young people leaving care.
  • British Journal of Social Work

    As with Mike Stein's other work, this is a rigorous, well-written and accessible study that includes important points for policy and practice. I could see no noticeable weaknesses. Young people's own views are well represented and it makes a valuable contribution to services in Scotland and elsewhere.