Interventions With Bereaved Children

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The scope of this book covers the many possible approaches to working with bereaved children. The contributors draw on their wide-ranging experience of working with bereaved children in a many different contexts to examine:

methods, such as dramatherapy and play therapy

various settings, such as working in schools, hospitals and residential environments

group and individual work

working with adolescents.

The breadth of the contributors' backgrounds- among them are psychologists, social workers, teachers, play therapists and an actress -brings to light the benefits of their differing approaches.
  • Published: Jul 01 1995
  • Pages: 352
  • 226 x 150mm
  • ISBN: 9781853022852
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Press Reviews

  • Child and Family Social Work

    The book contains contributions from some of the most experienced practitioners in the UK and USA, working with children and young people in situations of loss and grief. The aim of this book is to provide its readers with a useful resource guide to practical interventions with bereaved children. It succeeds eminently in its task in considering various causes of bereavement and various methods of responding to needs: individual, family, group and educative approaches. This book is helpful to anyone working with children and families, having experienced bereavement, in a social work, counselling or therapeutic context, as well as from a palliative care, social services, psychiatric, family therapy or educational setting. This work makes a very valuable contribution to the literature and reinforces the belief that "children are survivors" (Monroe).
  • Nursing Times

    If you have ever floundered when faced with a grieving child, this book is for you. Equipped with a wealth of practical and compassionate responses, 20 contributors describe their work with bereaved children, sharing effective ways of supporting and helping them in their loss. Case studies are sensitively given, and there are moving accounts of individual, family, group and whole school work. This is an empowering book, which should be accessible to all those who come into contact with children.
  • Journal of Adolescence

    `This book should be available to all members of multidisciplinary child mental health teams... The strength of this book is that it ranges from individual grief, through family and societal settings linking grief and disaster, patterning the varying responses of children according to their age and life circumstances and providing a mosaic of assessment and therapeutic techniques... This book is one important step in improving our ability to communicate with the young about death.'
  • Community Care

    The 26 contributors to this book share a wide experience of childhood and adolescent grief... Differences in culture are sensitively outlined in a chapter on transcultural counseling... a thoughtful contribution to the growing literature on children's bereavement.
  • Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry

    The strength of the book is its emphasis on what can actually be done and how to do it. There are examples upon examples of how to convene, start, run and end sessions with children, how to work in different settings, with children of different needs. It is a rich store of what can be done.