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Helping People with a Learning Disability Explore Choice

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The books are short, simply laid out, easy to use with practical advice and exercises. The case studies seem to be taken from real life scenarios. Clients, staff and families would find these books very useful. They put in print the ordinariness of community living and how seemingly small incidences can impact on people. They may remind us to be more conscious and aware in our practice and to be creative in finding solutions and developing programmes.'

- Irish Social Worker

How can you make an informed choice when you have never had to decide anything for yourself? How can a carer help someone with a learning disability to a greater degree of autonomy? Helping People with a Learning Disability Explore Choice is an enjoyable and accessible resource to aid the improvement of social skills. Following the experiences of five adults with learning disabilities - John, Terry, Danny, Lucy and Liz - and their carers, it comprises a series of short stories focusing on different areas of decision-making. Sections for the carer explore the issues raised in the story, while Tim Baker's illustrations help the reader to engage imaginatively with the stories and the issues involved.

The book is designed for adults with learning disabilities to read by themselves or with a carer, and can also be used as a teaching aid or as a resource for workshops, group work or drama sessions.
  • Published: Jan 01 1999
  • Pages: 120
  • 232 x 160mm
  • ISBN: 9781853026942
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