Healing Through Meeting

Martin Buber's Conversational Approach to Psychotherapy
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Healing Through Meeting explains Martin Buber's ideas in simple terms and shows how they can offer a philosophical and ethical framework within which to hold a therapeutic conversation. A collection of therapeutic stories, based on actual case studies, is included which therapists can share with their clients. Through the telling of stories, therapists can highlight specific facets of human functioning and interaction. Clients can gain insight into their problems and so make choices about their future direction.
John Gunzburg shares his skills in composing therapeutic stories and encourages therapists to formulate their own stories out of their and their clients' experiences. In so doing, the wisdom that is to be found within the therapy room can be shared.
  • Published: Jan 01 1997
  • Pages: 250
  • 233 x 156mm
  • ISBN: 9781853023750
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Press Reviews

  • The Church Times

    This is a technical book, but it would be of great value to those who wish to widen their counselling skills, and who like a very broad approach to spirituality and psychology.
  • Journal of Social Work Practice

    This is a book that celebrates eclecticism and the healing power of relationships. There is much to enjoy and admire.
  • Zena Burgess, Clinical Psychologist, Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne.

    It is my hope that by reading this work, you will find the new ideas and learnings that will occur will enrich your lives as you will find courage and greater strengths inspired by the stories told.