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Group and Individual Work with Older People

A Practical Guide to Running Successful Activity-based Programmes
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Being active is fundamental to a person's sense of physical and mental wellbeing, and the need to engage in purposeful and meaningful activity does not diminish with age. However, common effects of ageing, such as reduced vision and hearing, arthritis, dementia, and in some cases social isolation, can affect an older person's ability to participate in therapeutic and recreational activities.

Introducing the concept of PIE (Planning, Implementation and Evaluation), this practical resource will enable professionals working with older people to initiate and run successful activity-based programmes with their clients, either individually or in groups. The authors guide the reader through the processes of group and individual work, and provide step-by-step instructions for a range of activities, including arts and crafts, music, drama, movement, relaxation, reminiscence, and day-to-day tasks such as taking care of personal hygiene and preparing food and drinks. The book also describes the importance of assessing and evaluating activity-based work, with examples of completed evaluation and assessment forms. Useful case studies and self-reflective activities for the facilitator are included throughout.

This book will be an invaluable for occupational therapists, creative arts therapists, health and social care practitioners and all other professionals working with older people.
  • Published: Jul 15 2011
  • Pages: 208
  • 228 x 152mm
  • ISBN: 9781849051286
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Press Reviews

  • British Journal of Occupational Therapy

    I highly recommend this book to occupational therapy students and people who are new to working with older people and are delivering activity sessions.
  • Ministry Today UK

    many of the principles and ideas are relevant to churches working with older people. Simply written, ministers could benefit from this guide.
  • Signpost

    Being written by three professionals, this paperback provides a thoroughly-based read from an Occupational Therapy perspective. Their subtitle, "a practical guide to running successful activity-based programmes" offers a straightforward summary of their aims, while also confirming that this is a UK publication, and thus has more distinct links to, and for, an English readership.
  • Caring Times

    This book is ideal if you are looking for a handbook on meaningful activity but one that includes some theoretical underpinning with excellent case studies and examples, this is it. The book is very well organised and easy to use without being superficial or glib.
  • Nursing Standards

    Sound principles laid down here include respect for the dignity and personhood of clients, and their ownership of the process. Professionals are encouraged in precise planning, implementation, evaluation, participation in clinical supervision and reflective practice. Some of the book may give the impression that the work is easy. Deeper study of the text will dispel this misapprehension