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Games and Activities for Exploring Feelings with Children

Giving Children the Confidence to Navigate Emotions and Friendships
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This is a fun, imaginative and creative resource designed to help children aged 7--13 get thinking and talking about their feelings and the issues that affect their lives.

It is packed full with games and activities that help children explore their emotions and express themselves positively. Activities surrounding issues such as peer relationships and friendships, bullying, offending, participation and citizenship are designed to build self-esteem, raise aspirations and increase motivation. They will also enhance emotional well-being and develop protective behaviours, encouraging children to speak out rather than act out, and helping to keep them safe and happy.

This is an ideal resource for all those working with children and looking for new and exciting ideas for games and activities, including teachers, youth workers, social workers and counsellors.
  • Published: Jul 15 2011
  • 245 x 172mm
  • ISBN: 9781849052221
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Press Reviews

  • Play Therapy

    This interesting resource book, written by a qualified teacher and social worker, contains 45 activities exploring feelings with children and young people. Sections cover: Making the Rules; Getting to Know Each Other; Expressing Yourself; Making Friends; and Endings. There are useful resources such as a parent/guardian consent form and ideas for group rules and antioppressive practice. Many of the activities include pages that can be photocopied (indicated by a tick mark in the top corner). Fun activities include My Home, Feeling Valued, Follow the Crowd and Jealousy Bag. Each activity is clearly explained, with sections covering the aim, what is needed and how to do it.
  • Youth in Mind

    This book is full of ideas for games and activities that can be used with individuals or groups to facilitate emotional expression and/or socialization as well as promoting self-esteem. It could be successfully used for PSHE or circle time by teachers, but is also likely to be useful for other professionals youth workers, counselors.
  • National Centre for Guidance in Education, Ireland.

    The book outlines a programme of games, activities and worksheets. The programme consists of five themes: · Making the Rules · Getting to Know Each Other · Expressing Yourself · Making Friends · Endings ... what makes this book useful is that these resources are accompanied by a clear aim and methodology for using each resource, almost akin to a lesson plan.
  • Jude Kidd, Freelance dramatherapist and supervisor

    This book is designed to help children and young people identify and express feelings in an honest and appropriate way, within a group setting. The exercises are drawn from the author's experience in areas of teaching and youth work both at practitioner and management level... The activities and games in this book are simple to learn and most require a minimum of preparation. They are fun and accessible, and will encourage children and young people to express themselves within a group setting. However, all practitioners would be advised to be selective when using the exercises, and always with the client group and psyche at the forefront of the work.