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Flying Starts for Unique Children

Top Tips for Supporting Children with SEN or Autism When They Start School
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Help children with SEN and autism to have a good first impression of your school and it can make all the difference to their entire school experience.

Regular Teach Early Years contributor and SEN expert Adele Devine shares her top tips for making the school environment as welcoming and inclusive as possible for children with SEN and autism. This book covers essential topics such as working with parents, supporting transitions between home and school, helping children with sensory issues to cope in a stimulating classroom, teaching waiting and patience skills, using visual teaching methods, understanding behaviour, promoting independence and much more. Case studies and practical examples show you exactly how a truly inclusive classroom can be achieved, by demonstrating how a range of situations are experienced from the child's perspective. Designed to be perfect for dipping into and referring back to as problems arise, this book is a fantastic resource for busy educators.
  • Published: Aug 18 2016
  • Pages: 312
  • 229 x 155mm
  • ISBN: 9781785920011
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Press Reviews

  • Jeanette Purkis, autism self-advocate, public speaker, government official and author of three books including The Guide to Good Mental Health on the Autism Spectrum

    Flying Starts for Unique Children focuses on ways to facilitate a supportive transition to school for early learners with special educational needs. It provides information on ways to set children up for a positive school experience from the outset. It is full of practical tips and strategies for schools, useful information and personal narratives. The book is written from a strong place of inclusion and respect for children and their parents.
  • Jacob Stow, Editor, Teach Early Years magazine

    Supporting the development of children with special educational needs may seem a daunting proposition, but Adele illustrates how simple changes to practice and attitude can transform any classroom into a welcoming and nurturing place for all. Always engaging, this book is essential reading for every inclusive teacher.
  • Lesley Bailey, Heatherside Preschool Supervisor & SENCO

    Written with warmth and care, and showing how young children with special needs can feel comfortable. I highly recommend any Early Years Teacher to read this book. It has prompted me as a mainstream Early Years Teacher to ensure that all children in my setting can have a "Flying Start".