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First Class Support for College Students on the Autism Spectrum

Practical Advice for College Counselors and Educators
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College students with autism can face many difficulties during the transition from high school to further education and beyond. Highlighting the various everyday issues that may arise, this book shares practical advice for supporting students on the autism spectrum and helping them to succeed not only academically, but also socially and emotionally.

From supporting students with their relationships, to dealing with anxiety and managing independent living, this book covers a breadth of topics. It considers the impact of teaching expectations in higher learning on general adult life, and how to counsel students with autism on academic issues. The author also examines his many years of experience as a community college counselor, sharing the mistakes he has made and the lessons learned, to outline what makes a good counselor and how to take specific steps to ensure success for students with autism in all aspects of college life.
  • Published: Dec 14 2017
  • Pages: 160
  • 229 x 153mm
  • ISBN: 9781785924132
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Press Reviews

  • Maria Rago, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist

    Dr. Michael Duggan has been a dedicated and effective advocate for students on the autism spectrum and their families for over 20 years. He has created the ultimate guide to show how to assist these students and their families with the daunting task of the transition from high school to college. This book is a compassionate, step-by-step companion for college counselors and aspiring college students to deal with everything from friendships, romance, academic success to disability support services.
  • Dr. Lisa Stock, Dean of Academic Affairs, Ellsworth Community College

    I had the good fortune to work with Michael at the College of DuPage and saw the beginnings of his work with Autismerica. This amazing book translates his experiences into practical tips for anyone working with students on the spectrum who want to provide a supportive, successful environment. Highly recommend!
  • Karin Evans, PhD, Professor of English, College of DuPage

    This book, which addresses college advisors and counselors, faculty, and parents, is the key to uniting a team of support for any college student with autism. Dr. Duggan has given us an accessible, upbeat, and realistic guide, with clear advice for a wide range of challenging situations.