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Contentious Issues

Discussion Stories for Young People
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Challenging prejudice, stereotyping and judgemental behaviour, this book consists of forty discussion stories which reflect society and the problems young people face today. Aimed at promoting discussion and awareness, the author challenges young people to consider events and the part they themselves play in life, thus producing more responsible and independently thinking young adults. In particular, children with Asperger Syndrome or high-functioning autism often have difficulty in coming to grips with social situations, so that the stories in this volume should be especially useful for those working with such children.

The stories are primarily intended for group work (although can be used on a one to one basis) and, since young people take more notice of what their peers have to say than adults, it provides an excellent forum for a multitude of opinions to be aired. No previous experience or knowledge of the topics is necessary and the book contains comprehensive guidance for professionals and parents. It is ideal for use in therapy sessions, schools, youth groups, and by parents.
  • Published: Nov 14 2001
  • Pages: 368
  • 242 x 172mm
  • ISBN: 9781843100331
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Press Reviews

  • Educational Psychology in Practice

    The stories are short and cover many relevant topics for young people, and the leader sheets do provide a good guide to the discussion and, in some cases, provide the leader with helpful facts; for example, the physical effects of solvent abuse. One of the strengths from a practitioner's point of view is the practical nature of the book and the wide range of issues that it tackles. It provides helpful information for the leader should questions in need of a factual answer arise, and also considers the many responses that young people bring to a discussion.
  • The Teacher Trainer

    This book consists of 40 discussion stories for young people to help them challenge prejudice, stereotyping and judgemental behaviour. The index of subjects goes from Abortion through Depression and Panic Attacks to Video-nasties.
  • Metapsychology

    One of the greatest problems parents or those that work with youngsters face is the ability to contend with societal and moral issues without appearing to lecture. Marianna Csoti's, Contentious Issues offers a sturdy platform from which to begin. The book cleverly introduces fictional but true-to-life events that deal with topics such as ethnicity, racism, sexism and stereotypes. Marianna Costi's book is effective. It is effective because it doesn't judge and we can reach a young adult without criticism and without imposing our views. Too often we dictate, too often we decide the viewpoints for our children and too often we force morality on them without explaining why. Again, this book is effective. Why? Because it gives young adults the greatest gift of all - it allows them their own point of view.
  • Community Care

    This book is culturally sensitive and morally unprejudiced. It will be an invaluable resource for teachers, group leaders and parents, and will help young people to approach problems and consider options more thoughtfully and to seek help in the right places.