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Contemplative Therapy for Clients on the Autism Spectrum

A Reflective Integration Therapy™ Manual for Psychotherapists and Counsellors
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Drawing on the ancient tradition of contemplation, Reflective Integration Therapy™ shows how mantra meditation and reflective therapy can be used with clients with high functioning autism.

The Reflective Integration Therapy™ programme uses the cognitive differences in those with autism, such as their innate capacity for silence, withdrawal, intense focus and repetition as sources of therapeutic healing. This manual introduces this fresh, unique therapeutic approach, creating an essential resource for all practitioners working in the field of autism. All the material for twelve weekly sessions of therapy is included within the book.
  • Published: Dec 14 2017
  • Pages: 184
  • 226 x 152mm
  • ISBN: 9781785924071
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Press Reviews

  • Dr Michelle Garnett MPsych(Clin) PhD(Psych) MAPS MCCP Clinical Psychologist/Director of Minds & Hearts: A Unique Clinic For Autism Spectrum Conditions

    I highly recommend this book to all health practitioners working with clients with ASC. The method is powerful and revolutionary. With great skill, insight and love Rachael has given us a map for how to assist our clients to understand and accept themselves at the deepest levels, seeking not to change or to cure but to heal. If you are on the spectrum, ask your psychologist or counsellor to use this book.
  • Rachel Nelmes, Counsellor MBACP BA (Hons)

    Rachael's refreshing new therapy describes a journey of self-acceptance from within, often a unique experience for autistic individuals who are constantly dealing with non-acceptance in a neuro-typical world. Whilst highlighting and utilising the positives of autism (of which there are many!) Harris channels these strengths in 12 outlined sessions to aid clients in a journey of change from a very internal perspective. Not fixing, but healing.
  • eanette Purkis, autistic advocate, speaker and co-author of The Guide to Good Mental Health on the Autism Spectrum

    Rachael Harris has developed an innovative therapy model based in meditation and contemplation. Focussed on the strengths in autism and the therapeutic relationship, the book presents a new model of supporting autistic clients to achieve social, emotional and spiritual growth. I strongly recommend this book to therapists and clinicians working with autistic people.