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Conduct Disorder and Offending Behaviour in Young People

Findings from Research
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`This is the latest in a series of accessible, evidence-based resources from Jessica Kingsley Publishers for those seeking to understand and promote young people's mental health. Trawling through the evidence, the authors start by looking at the nature and prevalence of conduct disorders including attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and how they relate to factors such as depression, substance misuse and learning disabilities. They also look at preventive methods and services available to adolescents in the wake of Ever Child Matters. The book then deals with different approaches to treatment, from individual programmes using cognitive behaviour therapy to family, school-based and pharmacological interventions. It suggests family therapies are the most promising, with little evidence supporting the efficacy of medication.'

- Youth Work Now

Offending behaviour in young people is a problem not only for affected neighbours and communities; it is also a serious problem for the young people involved. Behaviour problems and involvement in criminal activities have been linked to continued offending, substance misuse, lack of education and work - all factors that are linked, in turn, with shorter life expectancy.

This book reviews the literature on a number of techniques and treatment approaches designed for use with adolescent conduct disorder and young offenders. The authors also provide an overview of the condition including its developmental pathway; the criteria for diagnosing conduct disorder, and services for adolescents.

Conduct disorder and offending behaviour in young people are complex problems that need multi-agency, multifaceted solutions. This book aims to contribute to the design of services by drawing on a wide range of high-quality research, and presents it for the non-specialist. It is essential reading for child and adolescent mental health practitioners, social workers, youth offending teams and other professionals working with young people with conduct problems and their families.
  • Published: Jun 15 2007
  • Pages: 144
  • 228 x 158mm
  • ISBN: 9781843105084
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Press Reviews

  • PsycCritiques

    As a system supervisor over programs that service just suth youth, I appreciate the distilled, balanced, and carefully articulated account of what is known, what is not known, and what is emerging in this area. Any clinician who wishes to place his or her hard-earned clinical approaches within the context of the research base will not be disappointed.
  • Journal of Mental Health

    Today's media tends to portray antisocial behaviour in children and adolescent simply as a problem for local communities and neighbourhood watch groups. Drawing on their experience as researchers in the field of conduct disorder, Liabo and Richardson seek to change this perception by focussing on the needs of the young people involved. The importance of this topic is reinforced on the basis that behaviour problems and criminal activity are linked to poor education, lack of employment, continuing offending and substance misuse. This book will appeal to a variety of readers ranging from those who just require basic information to mental health professionals who need to further enhance their knowledge. Useful appendices contain research strategy terminology and critical appraisal, providing assistance for potential academics in the subject matter. The overall result is a book which actually provides precise material on a complex problem pitched at appropriate levels for all likely readers.
  • Seen and Heard

    I would recommend this book unreservedly to those practitioners who want to acquire comprehensive, evidence-based knowledge of this subject. It will be enormously helpful to those who must consider the needs of troubled adolescents and make recommendations about therapeutic intervention for them.