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CLEAR Dementia Care©

A Model to Assess and Address Unmet Needs
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The CLEAR Dementia Care© model is an effective method of assessing behaviour that challenges, through an understanding that such behaviour may be a way of communicating unmet needs. This book explains the many factors that contribute to challenging behaviour and how a greater understanding of this can enhance quality of life and lead to better care for the person with dementia in both hospital and residential settings.

Discussing how people with dementia have the same needs as everyone else, the book helps to understand dementia from the perspective of the person experiencing it. It features case studies with examples of how to interpret signs of distress and develop an appropriate intervention plan. The model includes person-centred assessment of cognition, life story and personality, emotional and physical wellbeing, activity and environment, and relationships. Also included are easy-to-use photocopiable assessment tools, proven to facilitate a more accurate understanding of behaviour.
  • Published: Mar 21 2019
  • Pages: 176
  • 278 x 216mm
  • ISBN: 9781785922763
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Press Reviews

  • Ian A. James (PhD., MSc., BSc., C.Psychol) Trust Lead Challenging Behaviour Consultant Clinical Psychologist, UK

    Frances Duffy has presented us with a very clearly written account of a relatively new biopsychosocial model for understanding and fulfilling the needs of people with dementia. The CLEAR framework has recently been cited as an example of good practice in the British Psychological Society's briefing paper on treatments for Behaviours that challenge. CLEAR is an example of one of the new and exciting generations of nonpharmacological interventions, although its use of Behavioural charts provide it with an USP that makes it stand out from the others. In terms of the book itself, it provides a good account of the background to the needs of people with dementia, and the model is well illustrated with helpful examples of case studies.
  • Eleanor Ross, MBE, Assistant Director Nursing, HSC Public Health Agency, UK

    'A complicated topic made simple' Frances cleverly combines theory with practical insights and examples about the behaviours that challenge people living with dementia. This book is an impartation from a woman who is a credible expert in this subject and it will challenge and encourage you to change the way you deliver care.
  • Bernadine McCrory, Alzheimer’s Society (Country Director - Northern Ireland)

    Combines a rounded and psychologically nuanced approach with practical strategies for supporting a person with dementia who is experiencing distressing behaviours. By encouraging the reader to put themselves in the shoes of the person, the book really gets to the heart of behaviours that challenge. Highly recommended for frontline staff supporting people with dementia.
  • Reinhard Guss, Dementia Workstream Lead, Faculty of the Psychology of Older People, British Psychological Society

    A fantastic resource for professional and family carers of people with dementia! Part 1 is a most accessible overview of the dementias and the brain that would also interest people with an early diagnosis. Part 2 is a treasure trove of materials that will facilitate training, empower carers and improve quality of life.
  • Linda Robinson, Chief Executive Age NI

    CLEAR builds the insight and competency of caregivers and professionals by enabling them to time-travel into the lives of people living with dementia, with compassion. It empowers understanding of the behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia such as agitation, depression, apathy, repetitive questioning, psychosis, aggression, wandering and sleep problems. The complexity of these symptoms means that there is no 'one size fits all solution' and the CLEAR model provides the paradigm shift required to tailor support. This is a must read for all in health care settings and in the community.