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Children with Complex and Continuing Health Needs

The Experiences of Children, Families and Care Staff
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Aimed at students and practitioners involved in supporting such children, and designed to give them an insight into what it means to raise a child with such multiple needs.'

- Current Awareness Service

'This book draws on the experiences of a number of families to provide a valuable and deeply moving insight into what it means to raise a child with complex needs. It highlights both the joys and the challenges that families face. In doing so it raises important issues about how services in the UK are currently responding to children with complex needs and their families as well as pervasive disablist attitudes within society. This book will provide students and practitioners from a range of disciplines with a valuable window into families' lives and challenge them to reflect on how they are supporting them.'

- Sue Kirk, University of Manchester, UK.

Focusing on the real life experiences of children and their families, this book provides valuable insight into living with complex and continuing health needs.

The author highlights the importance of seeing each child as an individual, with the same rights and needs as any other person, rather than defining them by their health condition. The book includes case studies to illustrate the experiences of children, parents, siblings and extended families, as well as professionals in health and social care. These personal accounts discuss both the challenges and the rewards associated with looking after a child with complex needs. The author also provides an overview of the support which is available in healthcare and education systems and makes recommendations for the future.

Anyone who is responsible for supporting children with complex and continuing health needs will benefit from reading this book.
  • Published: Nov 15 2007
  • Pages: 208
  • 232 x 185mm
  • ISBN: 9781843105022
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Press Reviews

  • Speech & Language Therapy in Practice

    This very readable book focuses on the real life experiences of children with complex and continuing health needs and their families... I found all the chapter relevant to my everyday working life as part of multidisciplinary team in a Child Development Centre...It is very easy to dip into with clear, accurate chapter headings and a useful glossary.
  • Pediatric Endocrinology Reviews

    Advances in medicine have resulted in saving children's lives, but also increasing their psycho-social needs. The volume discusses the role of family members and caretakers in the long term management of a variety of conditions, prematurity, CP,etc. For pediatricians social workers and children's caretakers.
  • PMLD-Link Journal

    This book is moving and offers readers an insight into the difficult challenges families and care staff face when developing and supporting this group of children. I would recommend this book to parents, care staff and students that have limited knowledge and experience in this specialised area of support. A compelling read.