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Child Play

Its Importance for Human Development
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As a classic work in child drama, this book may add a considerable amount of information to the field of educational child drama.'

- Newsletter of the Association for the Study of Play

'No-one could read this book without being fascinated by [the author's] ability to draw a precise artistry from is not always an easy book to read. However, it is always wise and sometimes has been a privilege to have had the opportunity to review this book.'

- Dramatherapy

'This is a book for students wanting to trace the history of educational drama in all its forms.'

- Research in Drama Education

'Peter Slade, a forerunner in the sphere of dramatic play with an interest in special needs, sets out to describe his personal experience gathered over 60 years in this field... There are useful chapters on the "Nature of Play" and its value, child play in and out of school, dramatherapy and delinquency. A comprehensive chapter "Mostly for Parents" is full of ideas for assisting play... There are lots of practical examples of the way in which various exercises can be utilized in different situations.'

- Play Matters

'Peter Slade is a prophet, who, even in his own lifetime, has achieved his own considerable following.'

- John English, Chairman of the Highbury Community Arts Centre

'...this book gives fascinating insights into a highly creative and sensitive mind...brims with lively examples which will inspire the practitioner and confirm the belief in the essential role of play in personal development. It is very readable and illuminated by the real-life extracts drawn from a life-time of experience in the field.'

- ACPP Child Psychology and Psychiatry Review

'The subtitle is important since it suggests a much wider spectrum of reference than that associated with Children's Play or Child Drama. This book is the fruit of sixty years of endeavour in play or dramatic activity ranging from infants to adults. The chatty and personal narrative, describing incidents, anecdotes or activities (often in extended detail) makes observations, offers advice or draws conclusions relating to Slade's basic premises concerning Child Play. He sees play as a necessary and central feature of education to be encouraged and nurtured well beyond the infant stage ... The book is worth reading if only to demonstrate the author's breathtakingly fearless persistence in developing his theories, conducting experiments, managing theatre companies, training teams and advisers against indifference, antagonism, even hostility.'

- Speech & Drama

Peter Slade's comprehensive and accessible book explores the theories and practice of play. The author suggests that media influences have a profound effect on behaviour, and by stressing the importance of understanding play as a chart of individual development, and drawing links between home, school, clinics and therapy, he offers the prospect of an understanding of delinquency and difficulty.

It is a book that often challenges existing thinking and examines a range of issues surrounding play. Contexts are various and play in and out of school, dramatherapy, adult training, personality development, and dance are all considered. The effects and implications of recent legislation and developments are also discussed, and the text includes practical examples and exercises that complete a comprehensive and important work.
  • Published: Jul 01 1995
  • Pages: 400
  • 234 x 158mm
  • ISBN: 9781853022463
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