Can I tell you about Asthma?

A guide for friends, family and professionals

Meet Alfie - a young boy with asthma. Alfie invites readers to learn about asthma from his perspective, describing how it feels to have an asthma attack and what the common triggers are. He talks about the challenges of having asthma and how important it is that his friends and the people around him can recognise the signs when he starts feeling short of breath and know how to help. Alfie also gives simple instructions on using asthma inhalers and other medical treatments.

This illustrated book is full of useful information and will be an ideal introduction for young people, aged 7 upwards, as well as parents, friends, teachers and nurses. It is also an excellent starting point for family and classroom discussions.
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This is a book that should be in each school and will be invaluable for parents too.

Robert Oliphant, President, Asthma Society of Canada

Lesley Mills offers a medically accurate, age appropriate and accessible way for children, parents and teachers to learn more about asthma. With Rosy Salaman's delightful illustrations, young Alfie comes alive as our guide and teacher. As Alfie says so well, "I think most people would like to help, but they just don't know the right thing to do." Lesley Mills generously shares her wisdom through Alfie, so that we will all know the right things to do and to say when it comes to asthma. I highly recommend this resource to everyone on both sides of the Atlantic.

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