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Assessment and Intervention with Mothers and Partners Following Child Sexual Abuse

Empowering to Protect
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Assessment and Intervention with Mothers and Partners Following Child Sexual Abuse provides child protection professionals with the guidance they need to make the right decisions in cases of suspected or proven sexual abuse and ensure the best outcome for the child.

Assessments and interventions used for other forms of abuse, such as physical abuse or neglect, elicit a great deal of information, but do not fully address the issues and needs in relation to child sexual abuse. This book lays out a new model for understanding, assessing and working with mothers of sexually abused children or partners of known or suspected sexual offenders - a model which combines offender knowledge with understanding of mothers and partners. It is structured around the following central critical questions:

· Did she know it was happening?
· Is she able to protect the child?
· What do I need to do to ensure that the child is safe?

Combining research and empirical evidence with case studies, exercises and practical guidance, this book is essential reading for child protection professionals working with children and families.
  • Published: Mar 21 2016
  • Pages: 240
  • 231 x 181mm
  • ISBN: 9781785920202
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Press Reviews

  • Marcus Erooga, Independent Child Safeguarding Consultant

    Written by an experienced practitioner, this practical guide combines theory and useful models to assist those faced with the difficult task of assessing mothers of sexual abused children and partners of offenders. This difficult area of practice has long suffered from an absence of practical literature and Assessment and Intervention with Mothers and Partners Following Child Sexual Abuse: Empowering to Protect is therefore to be welcomed.
  • Robert Tucker, Independent Social Work Consultant, RGT Training and Consultancy

    Jenny Still responds to some of the key questions posed by practitioners working with partners of sex offenders - Did they know? Why did their child not tell them? Why do some not believe their child's allegations? Are they safe? What will help? She provides a format for assessment and intervention with practical advice on how to enhance partners' understanding of risk in order to help them protect their children and meet the child's recovery needs. Importantly it also helps practitioners identify where protection cannot be provided and where alternative care and intervention is required. This book is an essential resource for all those involved in assessment, intervention, case management and supervision.
  • Stuart Allardyce, Children's Service Manager, Barnardo’s and Chair, NOTA Scotland

    This thoughtful and practical text will be critically important for all social workers, probation officers, psychologists, police and other professionals involved with decision making concerning parental capacity to protect. It also makes a significant contribution to the literature on protecting children from sexual abuse.
  • Trevor Evans, Registered Social Worker, Consultant Trainer and Associate Lecturer, The Open University

    Jenny states "My aim throughout the book is to provide a basic grounding in understanding sex offenders and to weave that knowledge much more into our understanding of mothers and partners". For me the book does exactly that. It deals with what can be some potentially emotive issues with great care, whilst ensuring that the practitioner has a clear understanding of why things should be done in the way Jenny suggests. The work is based on theory but it is also firmly based on Jenny's excellent knowledge and understanding of the subject area. All in all it weaves theory with the knowledge and skills required to achieve the aims and objectives of the intervention, while illustrating practice application. The book is a 'must read' for all those who are involved in this area of work as well as those who assess children and families in other situations.