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Arts Therapies with People with Physical Disabilities

An Archetypal Approach
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For those with mobility and communication challenges, arts therapies can be especially significant and rewarding as a means of self-expression and engaging with others. This book provides practical guidance on multimodal and archetypal arts therapy approaches adapted specifically for a physical disability context.

Practical strategies and interventions are given, alongside case studies from individual and group arts therapy sessions. The author acknowledges the challenges of working with clients with physical disabilities, such as physical assistance in using resources, subtleties in communication of preferences and the need for extra members of staff, and gives clear guidance for accessible and effective sessions.

This is essential reading for any arts therapist wanting a tailored approach to meeting the needs of people with physical disabilities, with a focus on person-centred and strengths-based methods. In addition, all frameworks covered are also adaptable for other client groups.
  • Published: Oct 21 2019
  • Pages: 176
  • 228 x 152mm
  • ISBN: 9781785923647
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Press Reviews

  • Joanna Jaaniste, PhD, Career Development Fellow, Western Sydney University

    Through her proactive approach to creative arts therapies, Marion Gordon-Flower makes a welcome contribution to our understanding of the resilience of people with communication and mobility challenges. Firmly grounded in a holistic appreciation of Jungian archetypes, her tailored diversity-informed interventions offer measured outcomes of unexpected agency for her participants.
  • Dr Marian Liebmann OBE, art therapist, workshop leader, and author of many art therapy books

    This is an exciting and original book, showing how people with a variety of physical disabilities can benefit from multimodal arts therapies, with thoughtful help from supporters. The archetypal approach provides a rich fund of stories to draw on, many based on Maori culture and multicultural narratives of the Pacific region.
  • Mary K. McGraw, MA, ATR-BC, Co-Founder of Art Therapy Studio, Cleveland, OH, USA

    Marion Gordon-Flower has crafted a long needed, seminal book on a multimodal arts therapies approach to working with people with physical disabilities. Her book, Arts Therapies with People with Physical Disabilities, provides the reader with a well-researched and clinically practiced theoretical framework for multimodal arts therapies, utilizing five expressive arts processes. In conjunction with these art processes, archetypal and symbolic images are explored to evoke each client's personal, imaginative journey. How and why this therapeutic approach is so effective, with this often non-verbal population, is beautifully described and illustrated in the case studies that accompany the narratives on each of the expressive arts modalities. Gordon-Flower's understanding of and commitment to this population is clearly evident in her description of the evolution of this approach and of her therapeutic arts interventions with those who participated. By the end of the book, I felt as if I had accompanied them on their journeys and had gained unique insights into their life experiences.