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Art Therapy with Older Adults

Connected and Empowered
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This book outlines a framework for art therapy with older adults rooted in a belief in the autonomy and self-efficacy of older adults, including those with dementia or other diseases of later life.

Advocating for a more collaborative approach to art-making, the author presents approaches and directives designed to facilitate community engagement, stimulate intellectual and emotional exploration, and promote a sense of individual and collective empowerment. Relevant to community, assisted living, skilled nursing and dementia-care environments, it includes detailed case studies and ideas for using art therapy to tackle stigma around stroke symptoms and dementia, encourage increased interactions between older adults in care homes, promote resilience, and much more.
  • Published: Feb 21 2019
  • 228 x 153mm
  • ISBN: 9781785928246
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Press Reviews

  • Claudia Mezzera, Ph.D., LMFT, ATR, Adjunct Faculty, Notre Dame de Namur University

    Dr. Partridge exquisitely captures the power of art therapy illuminated by a spirit of empowerment and advocacy for elders. This is a much-needed and enlightened guide and framework for art therapists working with this wonderful population and whose wisdom is applicable to all art therapists seeking to improve venerable results for their clients.
  • Amy Backos, PhD, ATR-BC, Chair, Graduate Art Therapy Psychology, Notre Dame de Namur University

    Art Therapy with Older Adults provides critical insight for art therapists to empower elders with creative potential. Including robust theoretical and practical examples of creativity and self-actualization, Dr Partridge, along with her older adult co-researchers, developed a much-needed art therapy theory. Through her work, including digital media and museums, Dr Partridge is revolutionizing how art therapy thinks about social empowerment, abilities, creativity, clinical practice, and research and with elders.