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Assessing and Promoting Resilience in Vulnerable Children 3
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This practical resource for work with vulnerable adolescents shows ways of promoting resilience and encouraging pro-social behaviour. Discussing concerns associated with adolescence such as peer pressure and moral responsibility and family and peer relationships, the authors suggest ways for practitioners to engage with and support young people who may have social or family problems.

Focusing on different areas in which resilience can be cultivated, this practical guide offers an applied perspective on procedures of need assessment and intervention. Grounded in theory and developed through work within real cases, it offers guidance for continuing support and will be an invaluable source of encouragement and instruction for social workers working with young people in troubled circumstances.
  • Published: Jul 15 2002
  • Pages: 176
  • 296 x 211mm
  • ISBN: 9781843100195
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Press Reviews

  • Napot Journal

    (Review for the 3 Volume Set) 'The workbooks are easy to read and use the same format in each volume. They explain resilience theory and encourage practitioners to place intervention and assessment within ecological framework. This entails considering what resources might be available to the child at each of three levels: child, family relations and wider community... The workbooks would be invaluable to parents/carers/foster families and those practitioners who have little child development knowledge. For students and occupational therapists who are new to working with children, they would be a very useful adjunct to learning, to the advanced practitioner they would be a refreshing revisit to child development in relation to occupational lifestyle.'
  • Adoption & Fostering.

    These three workbooks are a welcome and important addition to the tools available to childcare social workers, foster carers, residential workers and others involved in assessment and direct work with children and young people. Each book stands alone and could be used to inform and illuminate work with a particular child. Taken as a set they are a rich and lasting resource.
  • Youthwork magazine

    This is a very easy to read and understand book. The assessment section sets out the theory behind an area that resilience can be fostered, i.e. social competence or education, in an easily understandable way and then provides a framework for assessing resilience in that area through questions and practical methods. All is done within Brofenbrenner's ecological framework, which gives a good sociological context to the work. Interventions are given as practical examples and principles of the work.
  • Young People Now magazine

    It forms an accessible workbook for those working with young people in difficult family and personal circumstances.