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A Child Sees God

Children Talk About Bible Stories
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In A Child Sees God, Howard Worsley explores how we can all learn from a child's perspective of the world and shows how a child's eye view of the Bible reveals many interesting ideas about ethics and morality, and provides new ways of understanding these ancient stories.

By asking families to read Bible stories to their children and discuss these stories with them, recording the ensuing conversations, Howard Worsley offers not only fresh insights into the meaning and significance of these stories but also reflections on how adults can use the Biblical text in the company of children at different stages of development. Following the theory that all stories ever written fall into one of seven categories, this book shows that the themes of the Bible are no different, dividing stories into sections containing texts of wonder, adventure and leadership, terror, justice and judgement, comfort and hope, comedy, and mercy and forgiveness.

This fresh look at the Bible through the eyes of children will be a fascinating read for parents, teachers, ministers, and anyone with an interest in child spirituality or ethics.
  • Published: Apr 15 2009
  • Pages: 176
  • 241 x 173mm
  • ISBN: 9781843109723
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Press Reviews


    Ever wondered what your child or children are thinking about when you read the bible together? Well, if you are looking for a book that illustrates the freshness with which children can still respond to the Bible, and its relevance to life today, then A Child Sees God by Rev Dr. Howard Worsley, is that kind of training manual. It certainly provided an interesting insight into how children of varying ages, still respond to the Bible.
  • Journal of Religious Education

    Howard Worsley is a champion for children. He wants their voice to be heard, and for adults to fully appreciate the wisdom they have to offer. This book is a vehicle for achieving those aims, by exploring children's views and reflections about a selection of Bible stories... Sandwiched in between an introduction and a final chapter considering the implications of the findings, the core of the book is neatly divided into seven chapters according to the type of story discussed int them... One of the delights of this book is to see how children not only interpret the stories but how they make associations to their own worlds in order to make meaning... Nevertheless I suggest that all who are interested in listening to children with regards to how they make meaning with refernce to religion, scripture and spirituality will find this book of value, not only those living or working within the Christian tradition.
  • Church Times

    Children see what grown-ups miss. That is one reason why we should go on telling Bible stories to them. Dr Worsley's bold claim, in this fascinating and ground-breaking study, is that the church needs "the original vision of childhood" to renew its understanding of the Biblical texts. Children can show us what the Bible has to say to us all. They can also make us ask the right questions. This book is essential reading for any who have any lingering doubts about whether the Bible can be a children's book too.