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Life Will Never Be Dull

The Little Book of Autism Adventures
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'A sense of humour definitely helps, as will sleep, and did I mention wine...?'

This delightful book is a light-hearted, playful and sincere look at life with an autistic child. Humorous illustrations depict those unique moments that every autistic child's family will recognise, and gently remind the reader to take care of themselves and appreciate the many wonderful experiences of being a mother, father, brother or sister to an autistic person.
  • Published: Jul 21 2020
  • Pages: 80
  • 186 x 122mm
  • ISBN: 9781787753228
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Press Reviews

  • Janet Fong, Founder and chair of Autisk support group

    As a mum to 5 children with autism (who has autism herself) reading this book felt like the author lives in my home - I can relate to every single page in the book! It really made me smile and say thank god I'm not the only one who finds a drink does help! Autism is a life of mystery, fun, tears, laughter and lots of love, and the author has got it spot on in this book.
  • Professor the Baroness Hollins

    Crossbench Member, House of Lords
    'Life Will Never be Dull' is a great title and I adored Michele's drawings. The book describes itself as a 'playful and sincere look at life' for parents with an autistic child. but I think it will be as insightful and fun for adults receiving an autism diagnosis for the first time. The scenes the book shares are just so realistic and will encourage Mums and Dads to laugh and cry but never to give up. Being understood and understanding are the two most important parts of any relationship. This little book will help so many people to learn and understand together.