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Buddhist Understanding of Childhood Spirituality

The Buddha's Children
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In this book, Alexander von Gontard, a child psychiatrist, uses the language, thought and imagery of Buddhism to explore the spirituality of children.

The book begins by exploring the Buddha's own childhood and the 'divine child' in Buddhism, a key archetype in Jungian psychology. The author defines the spirituality and religiosity of children and adolescents and identifies manifestations of spirituality in children, such as experiences of awe and wonder, and favourable conditions for spirituality, such as silence, nature, extreme conditions and mindfulness. Drawing on his own experience working with children in therapeutic practice, von Gontard discusses the parallels between spontaneous spirituality seen in childhood and the Buddha's teachings.

Revealing how the spiritual insights and experiences of children and adolescents can uncover a deep and wise understanding of human life that is compatible with the Buddha's teachings, this book will be of particular interest to professionals and academics in psychology, psychiatry, psychotherapy, education and religious studies.
  • Published: Jul 21 2017
  • Pages: 272
  • 228 x 156mm
  • ISBN: 9781785920387
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Press Reviews

  • Rebecca Nye, author of 'Children's Spirituality: What it is and Why it Matters'

    This book offers an intriguing and original combination of Buddhist thought, the backdrop of western scholarship on childhood spirituality and the author's own experience in child psychiatry. Von Gontard opens a rich seam to be mined, and provides valuable access to his reflective journey with this multifaceted subject.
  • Christopher Titmuss, author of 'The Buddha of Love' and of 'An Awakened Life'

    This remarkable book offers readers the opportunity to explore deep questions about life that children raise. The author examines the life of the Buddha and the insights of Carl Jung to help us inquire into these issues for the benefit of young and old alike.